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[VID] Baptism | Natalie

Natalie found herself on a path moving away from God as she blamed Him for things, but God's great love pursued her with hope, healing, and new life....

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The Mallory's | Christmas 2016

An unexpected battle with cancer made Andrew's need and appreciation for Jesus this Christmas realer than ever....

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Respond to Piney Branch Fire


This past Wednesday, an explosion and fire devastated a Silver Spring apartment in the Piney Branch area. As of now, three people have been confirmed dead, 34 people hospitalized, ...

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Serve Refugees


Here are several tangible ways you can take action to love refugees right where they are....

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When a CG Member Never Shows Up


This one guy never showed up to Community Group gatherings. I didn’t get it because I’d talk to him on Sundays and he was always positive when talking about Community Group. But why was he always a no-show?...

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[VID] Baptism | Mark


For many years, Mark knew a lot about God but didn't actually know Him. This completely changed when Mark began to know God through relationship with Him in Christ....

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[VID] Baptism | Brittany


Brittany found herself placing her identity in grades, her career path, and guys. These sources of identity and worth would ultimately betray her. By the grace of God, she was found by a Savior who gave her the greatest identity and worth....

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[VID] Baptism | David


We recently had the joy of hearing how David was compelled by scripture and his CG to joyfully embrace the command to be baptized after many years of putting it off. It's not too late to celebrate what God has done!...

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Work Talk to Gospel Talk


Whether it’s chatting over coffee, happy hour, playtime at the park or dinner, one thing is almost certain when spending time with people: you talk about what you do. Here is one simple way to take a conversation on work and lead it towards the gospel....

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[VID] The Gospel Saved My Life


The Well is passionate about moving toward and loving neighbors with the gospel right where we are. Check out this story from Juan, who did just that. It impacted his neighbor's life for eternity....

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[VID] Baptism | Justin


Recently, we had the joy of hearing how Justin received salvation within the Downtown Community. Check out his story and baptism! ...

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Summer Bible Reading Plan

On Sunday, we kicked off our summer series, One Story - Making Sense of the Old Testament. The Old Testament is often avoided or misinterpreted because it is difficult to understand. But Jesus purposefully gave us the key to understanding the Old Testament! All of scripture is one story that points to Jesus, is fulfilled in Jesus, and is understood through Jesus. That's t...

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Summer Series | ONE STORY

Have you ever tried reading the Old Testament (OT) and found yourself lost and confused? Perhaps, you wondered: Is the OT even relevant? What’s the point of all its strange stories, laws, and writings? What do we do with them? Do we even need the OT if we now have Jesus?...

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The Gospel for Moscow | Summer Missions Trip

This summer, we have a wonderful opportunity to join Chris and Emily Moreland, missionaries in Moscow, with international missions work. Please read the following letter and invitation from them below. Read, pray and consider. Let us know ASAP if you are interested (even if you aren't 100% sure). Email -------------------------------------...

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Being a Neighbor on Sundays

In Luke 10, a lawyer responds to the commandment to love God and love neighbors as yourself by asking Jesus, "Who is my neighbor?" Jesus responds with a parable that strikingly reframes the question.Who will be a neighbor?...

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Ordination & Commissioning of The So's


This past Sunday, 12/7, we had the joy of ordaining Eric So and commissioning his family as local missionaries in a refugee community in Riverdale, MD. Eric got to share their story and the church prayed for his family as they were sent out. It was a powerful time for our church family....

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Ayush | Story and Baptism

Ayush talks about how his heart was transformed from generally beleiving in God to directly trusting Jesus. ...

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Brady | Story and Baptism

As Brady and his dad walked through the scriptures together, Brady came to understand that Jesus died for him. ...

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Georgian Forest Family Fun Fest 2014

For the third consecutive year, volunteers from The Well have had the privilege of serving the teachers, students, and families at Georgian Forest Elementary School's Thanksgiving celebration....

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Zach | Story and Baptism

Listen to Zach's story of how Jesus freed him from the life he thought he was supposed to live to a joyful life for Christ. ...

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Sam | Story and Baptism

Listen to Sam's story of being crushed by pressures to be perfect but finding life-giving freedom in Christ's perfection for her. Sam's Baptism- October 26, 2014 from The Well Community Church on Vimeo....

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Olivia | Story and Baptism

Olivia shares about calling herself a Christian her whole life and how she just recently understood the truth of the Gospel. ...

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Haley | Story and Baptism

Haley shares about how Jesus has filled the void that she always felt, despite her happy life. Hear how she is being transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. ...

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Redeeming Marriages - Four Corners Community

Within one of The Well’s Communities you can expect to find groups of people eating together, sharing stories, serving their neighbors, and building solid friendships. Recently, one of our communities noticed a disturbing trend of failing marriages in their neighborhood. Several families decided to take a step forward and invest in their neighbors’ marriages....

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Get Ready To Celebrate!

This Sunday will be The Well’s 2 Year Celebration! Wow. Praise God for planting this church, transforming lives, growing the body, and empowering us as we take the gospel out on mission here in Silver Spring. All because of Jesus. All to Jesus. We want to give you a heads up on several things so you’ll be ready to celebrate Sunday morning....

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