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Matt and I are having our house "renovated" in order to sell it. Read, "destroyed." As everything is torn to shreds, God has been doing a work on me. I'm realizing more and more, a thankful person is a needy person. We've been living out of the car, packing up every morning, leaving at 8am and returning around 8pm. As we caravan Texas as nomads, friends have opened their ...

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Me or You?

I preached my last sermon tonight at ffect, our Northwest Bible singles gathering. Tomorrow, I pack my office. July 10th we tentatively pull out for MD. Each domino sovereignly topples with joy and sadness. One question shaped tonight's closing message to the people I have loved serving. It's a question I ask myself every time I go to work; every time I come home to my wi...

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Bananas get those brown gooshy spots. Apples, wrinkly skin. Lettuce wilts. If your relationship with Christ doesn't feel fresh, it probably isn't. Your wilted leaves confirm it: you haven't shared the gospel with a friend, or anyone, recently; your journal pages are full of blank; apathy covers your bible like dust. For me, two necessities had wrinkled up and dropped from ...

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We Feel It!

You ever feel someone's prayers working in your life? Often we don't need prayer, so we don't get the chance to feel God working. We say no to prayer when we strive by our own strength, set our own agenda apart from God's leading, or attempt only petty, risk-less things in our lives. Then, prayer becomes a cameo role in the Christian-life, or coffee talk with God. Instead,...

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Solomon asked God for wisdom and he ended up nearly sawing a baby in two (1King3.16ff). The wisdom of God sometimes dresses up in unexpected clothes. When the Spirit steers our steps by faith, we're all often reminded that "God made foolish the wisdom of the world" (1Cor1.20). The wisdom of the cross befuddles the perishing, and is resurrection power for those who cling to...

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Praise God

When Joshua crossed over the Jordan into the land God had given His people, he stacked up a lot of rocks (Joshua 4.1-7). "Praise God," the stones cried out. "Don't forget this day," they said. "Don't forget it in your own life, don't forget to tell your friends and your kids, and don't ever forget to give Him the glory He is due." Let these stones tell the story. He's wort...

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Sitting in living rooms to share about the church plant with individuals and families has been such a joy. The sweetest part of our time together has to be the end of each meeting, where we ask for and receive prayer from our friends. Courtney and I have never needed prayer more than we do now, and each request and encouraging word offered to God for us, before us and Him,...

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God Taps In

What's your goal? Paul says his this way: "I want to know Christ, and the power of His resurrection, and the fellowship of sharing in His sufferings, becoming like Him in His death, and so, somehow, to attain to the resurrection from the dead." (Phil3.10) I too often say mine like this: "I want my plans to work out, to have the power to make good decisions, to move circums...

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The Latest News

We are currently preparing to head out to Silver Spring, MD. Where are we right now in the process? Getting a web page up and running. I want to thank the sets of eyes that are currently looking over this web page, offering feedback and ideas. We are in the rough of it, so stay tuned as we iron out text, graphics, and well, everything! I am praying for you all often as yo...

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