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Acts 17 Resources


Hey there, church. As we looked into Acts 17 this past Sunday we saw that Paul made intentional connections to the gospel by 1. Seeing what the culture valued. 2. Affirming that value and 3. Extending it to its full culmination in Christ.

Here are two helpful resources for growing in your ability to share the gospel in these kinds of ways.

1. Bible Study (two parts): The Book of Acts, by Tim Keller. This is a great resource for studying the book of Acts and is filled with tangible tools for sharing the gospel. Part 1 Click Here - Part 2 Click Here

2. Gospel Fluency Videos by Jeff Vanderstelt. These are great pieces of training for learning how to connect the gospel to every aspect of life, for both your own growth in the gospel and in sharing the gospel with others. Though lengthy, the effort will be well worth your time.

Gospel Fluency Part 1

Gospel Fluency Part 2

Gospel Fluency Part 3

Gospel Fluency Part 4

Gospel Fluency Part 5

Gospel Fluency Part 6