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Advent Guide and Resources

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Christmas can be a time of sweet connection with Christ, don't miss it. We have provided the Advent Guide below to help you personally meet Christ this Christmas. Additionally, here are five fun easy ideas for your family to connect with Christ together.

Advent Season 2018 from The Well Community Church on Vimeo.

The Well Advent Guide:

We want to see Jesus this Advent! Use this guide to spend persoanl, daily time with Him. Here is the link to our Advent Guide (web app iPhone/Adroid/browser). You can pick up a printed booklet at worship this Sunday, Dec 2nd.

Five Family Activities:

Consider trying one or two of these with your family this Christmas.

  1. ABC’s of Christmas: Retell the Christmas story out of Luke 2.1-21 using the alphabet.Have the kids cut out a big construction paper letter for the day. Then read or summarize Luke 2, having them pick something from the story that corresponds with the letter. Write that part of the story on the letter, decorate it, tape it to a wall, hang it on the tree, etc. Example: Angels; Bethlehem (or Baby); Cows; Donkey (or Dream); Emmanuel (or Elizabeth); Frankincense; Gabriel, Herod, Inn, etc.
  2. Use Ann Voskamp’s “Unwrapping the Greatest Gift” to read through the story of Christmas day by day. This look from beginning to birth will give the Christmas story great context for you and your kids. Here is a similar plan for reading through the Jesus Story Book Bible to tell the story of Christmas, one section a day for 24 days all the way from beginning to end. Consider making the corresponding ornament or drawing for each day.
  3. Read the Christmas Story out of the “Jesus Story Book Bible” and then let the kids take turns acting it out. You can even wrap up each of the Little People Characters and let them take turns opening them up. When they unwrap the character, they have to explain who they are and what part they play in the Christmas story.
  4. Go to Walk through Bethlehem at Glen Mar United Methodist. This is a great walk through the story with live actors. Great times for the family and to invite friends.
  5. Here are two different books to enjoy personally or with family/friends this Christmas. One, Tim Keller’s book Hidden Christmas is super, short, and accessible. It is a good one to read with a friend who doesn’t yet know Jesus. Two, First Days of Jesus is a great historical and devotional look at the first days of Jesus’ life. It is a little more “challenging” of a read.