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Fighting Sexual Sin


You will find these resources very helpful in fighting sexual sin. It is only by seeing the unending love and grace of our fantastic Savior, Jesus, that we are transformed. The fight is a serious one and the stakes are high. Pornography and/or adultery will destroy you personally, your relationships, and your marriage. Your continued silence and growing sin falsely shouts that He is not sufficient in His death, He is not more gratifying than sin, that He is not a loving transforming Savior. He is. First I will remind of us of the application from this Sunday’s sermon (Sexual Joy sermon found here), and second will provide some helpful resources for the fight.

Confess & Run (To Him from Sin)

1) Confess to God for your refusal to trust that His commands lead to life; for not loving Him over and above the lust of your flesh. Confess to Him the specifics of the relationships you are harming. Confess that you do not realize the depth of His love and forgiveness, or you would run from this sin and into His arms in a planned, intentional, hard fought refusal of temptation.
2) Confess to a trusted friend and leader. Tell your discipleship group, and your leader. If you are the leader of your discipleship group, tell your group. Talk with a pastor in your church, Craig and I would love to connect with you in this fight. Please email us (contact on webpage). We love you and desire to see Christ win in this battle.
3) Tell those you have wronged and offended in your adultery or pornography. Talk to your husband, your wife, your boyfriend, your girlfriend, those with whom you serve, those with whom you have been dishonest. Run to Jesus. If Jesus has sufficiently forgiven your sin by dying on a cross for you, then you are free to share this sin with those you trust and have offended. Only in this light will be free to begin winning the fight. Your silence says, “Jesus’ death is not sufficient for this sin. I must keep this quiet.” Bringing sin to light declares He has forgiven you, fully, paid for your sin, it is finished. In His grace there is power to fight for holiness.


  • Your best resource is telling someone, in your current context and church. See above.
  • This last Sunday’s Sermon on Sexual Joy.
  • Book: Finally Free: Fighting For Purity With The Power of Grace By Heath Lambert. As He suggests, read the Intro then Chapter 4 first. This is a fantastic book for fighting pornography tangibly, by chasing after Christ.
  • Articles (and audio): All of John Piper’s Articles and sermons on sexual purity are great. Found here in the topic list for Sexual Purity on Just fantastic stuff here. Some short helpful articles to get us started… ANTHEM is a short article and acronym to help in the fight. Strategies for Fighting Sexual Sin is a great list of helpful thoughts/actions and the accompanying scriptures. Avoiding Sexual Sin is a bit more robust article containing 7 pitfalls and countering protections.
  • Sermon by Tim Keller: Love and Lust on marriage, adultery and pornography. Fantastic, and holistic. Also, Keller’s Book, The Meaning of Marriage is a great picture of marriage, and will help create or recreate marriages that will be free of adultery/sexual sin, and recreate those what been broken.
  • Covenant Eyes. This is a simple and effective tool for your computer/cellphone which will send an email report to selected trusted friends sharing with them every site you visit and when.
  • Counseling. Contact Jeff Rickett with Heartsong Counseling for solid biblical counseling. The Well is in partnership with Jeff, so he is awaiting your calls/emails (Mention your connection to The Well).

I am glad to be your pastor, and sick of seeing sexual sin ravage so many people we love. Please fight this battle with me, each other, and in the power of Christ’s grace. You are forgiven. I am forgiven. Let’s bring our sin into the light of relationships with others in the body. Jesus loves you so deeply. He will transform you as you hand yourself over and over again to Him. You will not defeat this alone, in silence.

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