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Gospel Investment - Partnering w/ CRU

brianhearnWho here didn’t make significant life decisions in college? College is key for setting life trajectory. Most importantly, college is time of personal ownership. The shelter of the home gives way to the wide world of autonomy. Old ideas are jettisoned or clung to, new ones accepted or rejected. Students decide on courses, tracks, what is worth studying and where it will take them. A man decides what he will believe about his sexuality. A woman decides what vocation she will pursue. All spend time wrestling with their spirituality, identity, and the deepest questions of life.

We planted a church in the heart of three demographics. Broadly: Young Adults in downtown Silver Spring; Families in central and northern Silver Spring; and UMD College Students on the eastern edge of Silver Spring. The Well is, and will invest significantly in the work of planting the gospel deep into the heart of these three people groups, and a fantastic opportunity to do just that has come about on the UMD campus. 

Gospel Investment

CRU is looking to strategically purchase a ministry house on the campus of UMD, a vital step for this gospel-saturated ministry to effectively reach and disciple lost students on campus. We are partnering with CRU to help make that happen.

The Well has decided to raise $25k from within our body (a faith shaped amount for our new church) to donate to CRU for this specific project. We desire to see people of The Well give generously to this project to make up that amount.

Why? We want to reach college students with the gospel, seeing the praise of God spread on the campus through many new worshipers of Christ. We want to partner with the many staff and students that are connected into the body of The Well to reach these students. We know that as God saves students on campus through CRU and The Well, that we will see the fruit of new believers in our body, and new Church Planters be sent through our body for years to come.

Partner With CRU

Give a designated gift to The Well online through our website. Simply choose a one-time amount, and designate the gift to “University of MD Initiative.” We will close out giving to this project on Sunday November 17th. We are on the way towards this goal, but need your generosity to make it happen.

The Well is all about seeing people come to follow Jesus, together with us for the good of the world. Our prayer is that many students will come to Christ, moving from death to life, and connect into the body for continued discipleship. What a joy it will be to see some of these men and women leading and a part of future core teams, planting churches through The Well in the years to come.

Here's one of the numerous stories of CRU's gospel impact on college students. Brian, a UMD graduate who is now a part of The Well, shares about how God used CRU to bring the gospel to him and how he is now being used to bring the gospel to others.

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