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Silver Spring here we come! Hopefully. We found a place to rent in Woodmoor, in the heart the community. Our application is in and we are waiting for the green light. As the disciples stood with the resurrected Christ, watching him ascend into the heavens, His words must have marked their geographic maps with what lay around the corner. From Jerusalem, to Judea and Samaria, to the end of the earth (Acts1.8). In concentric circles starting from where they stood, the call was to head out with the gospel into each place with its own idiosyncrasies, local insider nuances, the easiest route to the market.

We landed in the Four Corners area, where Rt29 intersects with 495, the Washington Beltway. Lodged in hilly neighborhoods, live lots of families, young marrieds, and long-time residents of this world and Silver Spring. We can’t wait to live here, come Sept 1st. Our hope is to have a couple or family living in each neighborhood, gathering during the week in groups of 10-50 as Christ followers, mobilizing to serve and share the good news with their community. Please pray even now for this to happen in Northwood Forrest, Woodmoor, Sunset Terrace, Indian Springs, Franklin Knolls, Woodside Park, and Takoma Park.

The southern downtown area is packed with young adults. High-rises line East-West Highway, stacking expectant 20’s and 30’s layer upon diverse layer, all commuting into DC with a unified hope of connecting with the right relationship or job which will give purpose to the rest of their lives. They will give it a 2-3yr shot.

I broke from the house hunt last week to walk and pray down East-West Hwy. My heart throbbed for the gospel to reshape these men and women’s aspirations. Our hope is to have a team of two singles or a young couple living each of these complexes, building community and sharing the gospel. Please pray even now for The Veridian, Silverton, The Bennington, Blair East, East West 1200, MICA, 8045 Newell Street, and a possible partnerships with Apartment Life Ministry.

Please Pray: 1.For our Dallas house to sell and for this rental to work out!!!!! 2.Continued relational connections with people to join the core leadership team and initial community. 3.Wisdom for the start-up process as we aim to begin gathering in our house Sept/Oct.

Updates: –Preaching went well, got some feedback of changed lives! God provided a short TV interview with FOX45 news as a reporter was in the congregation and was doing a story on growing churches. –Courtney and I have had some great times with those interested in joining the community. God is connecting us with great people, He has been at work long before our coming here! –An incredible church in the area is considering partnering with us. Unexpected, and super encouraging. As one of their pastors and I sipped Starbucks, he said, “We’ve been praying about planting a church in Silver Spring for a year.” Wow. –We have gotten some good family time together and are looking forward to some permanence moving into Silver Spring. Our current living space has been fantastic, and we are overwhelmed by God’s generous provision here.