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Lent Resources


Lent begins tomorrow, with Ash Wednesday. Some of you may have participated in this time of preparation for Easter, some have not. Simply, this is a set time (46days) in which the church has historically prepared through the tools of fasting, prayer and other practices to focus our affections on the person of Christ, and specifically His substitution for us in His sacrificial death on the cross.

We don’t give up something, because He gave up something (our soda, sleep or candy is just not comparable). Rather, the hope is that our eyes would refocus and our hearts would again be drawn to Him, rather than the trivialities of our self comforts.

If you desire to participate in this preparation for Easter by intentionally focusing on the work of Christ in this season, we have provided the following documents from two of our Network Churches.

May we fall in love with Christ more and more this season.


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