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Peace City Church Update

Peace City announcement

During the past two years, Lisa and I have spent a lot of time in the Riverdale neighborhood—engaging, serving, and sharing the gospel. We’ve battled bedbugs, loneliness, and discouragement, but by God’s grace we've gotten to know so many neighbors from many nations, have shared the gospel several times, which led to three salvations!

It’s been so encouraging seeing our one family joined by Jacob and Amy’s family, and more recently, Juan moving in. And just as important, other neighborhood families have jumped in along the way, leading us to form a diverse community group with plans to multiply. We absolutely love Riverdale and its people. God’s beauty is so rich.

One common theme in Riverdale is that many families have left past situations of conflict, division, and unrest. Yet as they attempt to seek or maintain some semblance of peace, people are still struggling and experiencing brokenness. True peace is greatly desired, yet so elusive. True peace is what God intended for creation, what sin fractured, and what God is restoring in Christ through his Church.

Only the peace of Christ can answer the needs of our city and can make multiple groups into one, united in Christ. That’s why we’re planting a church in Riverdale, and that’s why we’re naming it Peace City Church. We’re very excited to become The Well’s very first church plant. We’re aiming to be launched out early 2018.

Vision: Family for Strangers. Refuge for the Broken. Peace for our City.

Mission: Pursuing the Peace of Christ for our Hearts, Neighbors, and Communities.

Also, we’re excited to announce that Brandon and Tulani Smith will be joining our church planting team! As I lead the church plant, Brandon will join me as a second staff pastor from the start. Brandon and Tulani will be a huge blessing to our future church. Pray for us as we solidify details of our working relationship and prepare this year together. Pray for unrelenting unity and love between us. Pray for provision of funding for us and the church plant as a whole.

 A Message from Brandon Smith:

When I think back to college, when God started to birth in me a desire for vocational ministry, all I remember is how Jesus changed my life and how I didn't want to do anything else but tell people about Him. I immediately thought about this time when Eric approached me about joining him in Riverdale. Tulani and I began praying for God to reveal fears that would blind us from this desire to share the gospel with a community desperate for it.

Growing up in Baltimore, where there is a desperate need for the peace that the gospel brings, we immediately saw the parallels here in Riverdale and Hyattsville. From broken homes, to marginalized people groups, we heard God's call to care for his people here.

We're excited to build relationships with the residents of these towns, share this peace with them and allow God to use them to grow others, including us! Taking part in this church plant with Eric and Lisa So will bring growth that we intend to edify the kingdom of God with. We will bring along with us the love and support of our Well Church Family and eagerly shine the light of Christ in the Riverdale and Hyattsville Area.

Next Steps:

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