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Settling In

Two days after unloading our lives into a friend’s basement we took off for family vacation! Utilizing man to man coverage ten adults managed to corral nine kids safely from beach to pool to dinner and back again. It was a blast, and far from relaxing. As the week closed, for the first time in 7yrs, we didn’t hop back on a plan and head home.

Settling in over the next month will center on enjoying our family, connecting with soon to be friends that have shown interest in the community, and solidifying relationships with leadership from our sending networks and local churches. Meanwhile we are begging God to sell our house in TX, and find us the right place to rent here in Silver Spring!

Settling in Jesus style always seems to be an active process. Activity’s not our goal, actively savoring and seeking His kingdom is. Jesus starkens this contrast telling a short story of an active man, seeking the growth of his own kingdom, harvesting his own grain, extending his own fields, building more of his own barns, living up all of his own life. “You fool.” Jesus says at the man’s death (Lk12.20). Explaining more to His followers, Jesus goes on to share of God’s provision, and our active response in seeking His kingdom’s growth rather than our own (12.31). Give up your life, provide for others, store up treasure with Christ in heaven. He is our treasure, our reason for living. It is through His provision for life that we expend our lives with hope that others would treasure Him and pursue His kingdom, finding joy as His harvest increases, His fields expand.

Jesus caps the contrast with another story of servants waiting for their returning master. He sets the stage with this statement: “Stay dressed for action and keep your lamps burning and be like men waiting for their master to come home from the wedding feast so that you may open the door to him at once when he comes and knocks.” Because this place is not our home, our active waiting longs for the returning King. Even when we are still, it is to actively know He is the God who will be exalted (Ps46.10). Our citizenship is in heaven and life here must be marked with a building anticipation of His return, not the building of our own kingdoms.

Please Pray: 1.Reconnection and enjoyment this month for Courtney, me, and the kids. 2.That my preaching this Sunday at Grace Community Church would transform lives as people interact with Christ in His word. 3.God to shape this month to set us on a life-long trajectory here to build His kingdom, not our own.