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Summer Series | ONE STORY


Have you ever tried reading the Old Testament (OT) and found yourself lost and confused? Perhaps, you wondered: Is the OT even relevant? What’s the point of all its strange stories, laws, and writings? What do we do with them? Do we even need the OT if we now have Jesus?

The OT makes up 60% of the Bible but many of us struggle with reading it and tend to avoid it. We are missing out on knowing God more fully and deeply. That is why we will tackle sections of the OT this summer through our ONE STORY series. As we journey through the OT together, we will equip you to read it through the lens of Christ to see how the OT and NT is all one story and what it all points to. Our hope and prayer is for God to produce in us a renewed joy for Jesus that will impact our hearts and lives, for His glory.

Join us this Summer!

Summer Bible Reading Plan


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