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The Gospel for Moscow | Summer Missions Trip



This summer, we have a wonderful opportunity to join Chris and Emily Moreland, missionaries in Moscow, with international missions work. Please read the following letter and invitation from them below.

Read, pray and consider. Let us know ASAP if you are interested (even if you aren't 100% sure). Email


Hey Church,

We are excited for the opportunity for you to join us this summer in Moscow!

The camp that we have served at the past couple of summers is called SUPERLAGER and it takes place a few hours outside of the city. It is an English teaching camp by nature, but the church that has run the camp the last 11 years has used Biblical narratives as their mode of education, while simultaneously sharing the Gospel day in and day out. In our experience they've used the stories of Abraham, Daniel, and Joseph- creating grammar exercises, developing curriculum, and increasing the English proficiency of the campers all through Biblical narratives. After each day of lessons there are "English audio lessons" (basically sermons) that get translated from English to Russian, or Russian into English that get progressively deeper and deeper into Biblical truth and the Gospel as the camp goes on. In years past we have seen God use the nightly lessons as well as the small group time after to really bring the Gospel to life for a lot of campers. In the few summers we have been there, we have seen a multitude of campers ranging from small children to adults making decisions to follow Christ by the camp's end. What's more, we have met campers who one year attended camp as nonbelievers, only to return the following year as camp leaders who are eager to help others know Jesus better. It is truly a remarkable example of spiritual multiplication!

To be honest, Moscow isn't the easiest place to live. On top of the typical societal issues that face every city, there is a sense of hopelessness that is deeply tied to historical and political wounds. But, we have seen more joy at camp than we have at any other place in the city. What's more we have seen hope. We invite you to join us this summer as we look to raise lifelong disciples of Christ to one day change this city and ultimately the world.

In Christ,
Chris & Emily Moreland


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hi Chris and Emily,
so nice to see that you are doing well in such a large and challenging city as Moscow. I was born and raised in Moscow, and now live in DC area, silver spring. Plan to visit the church soon, so hope to meet you one day.

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