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Tuesday Tidbits for Parents: August 11, 2020


Dear Parents,

It seems that one of the most popular things parents say underneath those adorably cute pictures of their kids on social media is something along the lines of "You are my reason."
These parents have a good heart toward their kids. They love them, probably more than they love themselves. They'd be willing to die for their kids (as most of us would out of our love for them!). But this seemingly sweet sentiment and statement may be revealing something sinister in our hearts-- an idolatry of one of God's good gifts to us, our children.
Our children cannot ultimately fulfill or satisfy us. They cannot sustain us. They cannot save us or give us eternal hope. Why? Because we were not made for our children, nor were they made for us. We and our children were made by God and for God.
When we make our children "our reason", we are worshipping them and giving them a place in our hearts that they were not meant to (and cannot) fill. This only ends in pain and misery for both parties.
Our kids are good, good gifts from our good Father in Heaven, but only He is our GREAT reward. He alone is worthy of our worship. He alone deserves to sit on the throne of our hearts.
Living for our kids is no way to live at all. This isn't live-giving. It's death-dealing. It teaches our kids that something other than God is worthy of living for. But in living for the One we were made for, God, we get to enjoy Him, our Great Reward, now and forever, while also getting to enjoy His good gifts in healthy ways-- ways that are good for us and our kids, and that honor our exceedingly glorious God.

Challenge for this week:

Do some internal inventory. Are there ways you have allowed yourself to be more driven by your children (or your desires for them), than by God, His love, His Word, and His glory? Write them out. Confess them to the Lord. Ask for His help to turn from these things and for a fresh desire and strength to live for Him alone, as we rightly enjoy the good gifts He gives.