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Solomon asked God for wisdom and he ended up nearly sawing a baby in two (1King3.16ff). The wisdom of God sometimes dresses up in unexpected clothes. When the Spirit steers our steps by faith, we’re all often reminded that “God made foolish the wisdom of the world” (1Cor1.20). The wisdom of the cross befuddles the perishing, and is resurrection power for those who cling to Christ. Yet, the trip to the cross and to the proclamation of the gospel normally makes little sense. We like orderly steps, powerful strides, logical progress.

No matter how thoroughly you plan, the trip to planting a church is a muddled mess. We have been slopping through the goop for 1½ years now. Planning and praying with our sending church, assessing and strategizing with our planting networks, and now sharing with supporters as July gets closer. I think it’s a mess because Jesus wants to keep reminding me that the power is in His cross, that He is our reason to walk by faith in this time, and He has secured for us all that He demands of us. So, we’re handing the whole process over to Him, recognizing our inability and His sufficiency. There is unreal power in His hands, and we are seeking His wisdom in every step of this process, that the end result would be a bright spotlight from the heart of Silver Spring, shining brilliantly on the work of Christ on the cross.

In this time of preparation as a whole, please pray for our wisdom to prioritize the right things and for the perseverance to carry through on them. Please pray specifically for wisdom in the following areas:

  1. Selling our house: Timing, price, ways to list it, interactions with those who are involved.
  2. Raising support: The number of meetings (not to overdo our family), to whom and how to share the vision.
  3. Interactions with potential core team members: God would lead the right people together to shape the initial planting team, and my wisdom to patiently follow His guidance.
  4. Family: My ability to lead and care for my wife and kids well in this hectic time.