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Worship Return

Jeremiah, blunt as ever, shared the hard truth with his world while speaking to ours. Mine even. “Stupid fools,” he said (Jer10.8). They had made some really great idols, objects around which their lives rotated. It was a silly thing, worshiping statues of wood, dressed up with gold, silver, paper. Yet, the people were hopeful. Hopeful that statues would walk, shape the history of their lives, meet their needs, act in power. There was no return for their worship.

Statues don’t walk. Idols don’t create, re-create, breathe life into our dead souls and enliven the hours of our days. These “gods who did not make the heavens and the earth shall perish from the earth” (Jer10.11). They aren’t worth living for. You stupid fool.

We’re all so foolish. Some skilled worker cuts down a tree. Wood is shaved into paper. The paper is printed, cut. Worth is created, then worshiped. We shove it in our wallets, hide it under our mattresses, dream about it at night, or lie awake sweating because of it. It can’t breathe, walk, create, re-create.

God so graciously destroys my idols, little by little. We’re selling our house. With it goes a lot of our paper. It’s not the price we had hoped for! Ha ha! At all. But why hope in or for the provision of false gods. God Himself made the trees that made the paper, that turned to numbers in an account, which will all one day fall away into the glory of eternity. His eternity.

All that will be left, the reality of things, is Him and His re-creation in which we will all enjoy the tangible return of loving Him forever, enjoying the new heavens and new earth. It will, and is, all we have ever longed for. I bet Courtney and I will get to stand along-side others from Silver Spring, singing His praise, and living life together forever in the radiance of His glory. There will be return for our worship.

Please Pray: 1.We are psyched to be done with the house! Pray that all goes through with the current contract of sale and we close in mid-December. Praise God with us. 2. Talk with God about your own idols, and ask Him to graciously remove them.