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Follow Him - Luke

Luke wants us to know the greatest person who ever lived. This gospel gives us a detailed history of Jesus, that our lives might never be the same. Luke is just telling it the way it is. Jesus’ actions will comfort you, shock you, convict you, and ultimately draw you to Himself, to follow Him. Let your guard down, shake off your presuppositions, and get ready to meet our God, who came and lived among us, that we might find life in Him and give our whole lives over to Him. The call to discipleship is worth it. Jesus’ challenge to care for the poor and provide for the needy is overt. His love for kids, women, outcasts, the elite…everyone, is unexpected. Sometimes His love is angry and pointed, sometimes it’s tender and beckoning. Come and see the greatest man who ever lived; who died to forgive you and resurrected to embrace you. Come and follow Him.

Part of this study includes a three week deeper study into Sabbath, based off of Luke 6:1-11. Join us as we figure out what it looks like to find deep rest in the Lord. The sermons on January 14th, 21st, and 28th will cover this topic. We also suggest Community Groups to consider doing the four week Sabbath Practice through Practing the Way from John Mark Comer. It is a wonderful resource with great teaching and tangible steps to enter into the practice of Sabbath. Consider these Sabbath resources:

  • Practicing the Way - Four week practices designed for groups to learn about the Sabbath, practice the Sabbath, and discuss it together. Other practices also are available for other spiritual disciplines.
  • The Well Sermon Series - Listen or re-listen to our own sermons about Sabbath
  • John Mark Comer Sermons and Podcasts - A Spotify playlist to some fruitful teaching from John Mark Comer on the theology behind and practice of the Sabbath

Join us as we study the book of Luke. Follow our study guide for your own times with God, and for group discussions. Also check out our two recommended guides on how to study the bible and spend time with God - Soap & Morning/Evening.