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Share the wonderful things God is doing in and through His people.

The Church is made up of real people, real relationships, and real movement. We are a family of believers who are following Jesus as He moves towards families, friends, neighbors and coworkers, impacting lives for eternity.

That means as Jesus followers, we have Stories of Following. Stories of moving towards neighbors, celebrating with folks in our neighborhoods, serving others in our cities, sharing good news of Jesus, and praying for one another as families on mission. It means we follow by taking risks of love that even sometimes result in ‘failures’ when things don’t go as hoped or planned. All of our little Stories of Following are wrapped up in God’s grand story of redemption. These little stories are worth sharing.

These next few months, we invite you to submit your Stories of Following. We’re not just looking for extraordinary highlights (though it can be). We’re not looking for only stories of success. We’re looking for real stories of following that are in the ordinary, everyday stuff of life that involve intentional attempts at following Jesus. These Stories of Following will celebrate God's work through his church 1) bringing worship unto Him and 2) providing needed encouragement and inspiration to one another as we follow Jesus together faithfully in all of life.

Share with us your Stories of Following. We’ll find ways to share them to the body via God Revealed or written form.

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