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We all have a story. When our small story gets woven into the grand epic of God's plan, He gets all the praise and we experience life as it was made to be lived. Things get fun. Here are some stories from The Well. May God begin to rewrite yours, listening to His work in our lives.


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Mercy Team: Vulnerable Children Care w/ Shelby Houser.


Prior to moving to Maryland, my full-time work was to educate my community about domestic sex trafficking. The fact that American children are vulnerable to this heinous crime has gripped my heart since I first learned of it 10 years ago. I later learned that foster children are at higher risk of falling victim to human trafficking, a truth that inspired me to prompt other...

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Financial Peace 2019


We had 15 participants in Financial Peace this fall! Both from the Well body and outside the church! It was amazing to see changes in just 9 weeks! People who at first came in dragging their feet then came bouncing through the door by the end! The best part was in our last session, a woman who had only come twice was sharing her fears and concerns. Two other atten...

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Angel Tree 2019

IMG_1148 (1)

Prison Fellowship's Angel Tree is a program designed to restore families by bridging therelationship gap between a child and his or her incarcerated parent. Many times the children arein the care of a now single parent, a grandparent, other relative, or a family friend. Some of the children do not know the parent is in prison while others are aware and may struggle with ...

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Linkages to Learning Holiday Party.

Holiday party 2

This past Thursday evening, Linkages to Learning hosted a holiday party for around 200 people (approximately 76 families). The Well Community Church was able to serve by donating gift cards to help out with some of these families' Christmas gifts, as well as providing a few people to serve drinks and food. We were able to show God's love in a couple of neat ways: 1) In the...

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Downtown 1 CG Serves DC127.


With Christmas approaching, we wanted to find an opportunity to serve others as Christ's hands and feet in our city. DC127 is an incredible organization that works with DC area churches to ensure the success of every child in foster care and those at risk of entering into the child welfare system.They work to prevent children from entering the child welfare system by uniti...

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The Dastalfo's Foster Care Story


Kevin and Jeanie Dastalfo share about their journey into become Foster Parents. To financially support the work of the gospel God is doing now, and what He has planned for us next, go to our Now+Next End of Year givingHERE...

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The Albaugh's Adoption Story

albaugh adoption

Adoption had been on our hearts for many years. When the opportunity arose to adopt our nephew, we felt the call to accept. Having just had a baby a month prior, we were excited, yet nervous, to take on this challenge. How would we manage two newborns? How would we afford an adoption right now? We talked with God about our concerns and he answered our prayers through o...

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MCCH Thanksgiving Dinner


The Gaithersburg CG created and led the second year of celebrating Thanksgiving Dinner at The Seneca Heights Apartments of Montgomery County Coalition for the Homeless this past week! It was super! Since we were not allowed to pray in front of the residents because it was federally funded, one of the CG members gave a devotion as which shared the gospel to all the voluntee...

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Georgian Forest Fall Fest

Fall Fest 4

Many thanks to those who came out to serve Georgian Forest during their Fall Fest! Students and families had fun playing games, doing crafts, eating pizza and coming together as a community! Linkages to Learning is an amazing program that serves families in need at Georgian Forest. There are many ways and opportunities in which we can serve and be a presence in this comm...

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DC School Renovation.


The recently launched Burtonsville Community Group had their first scatter event where they were able to renovate a title 1 DCPS school. They were able to start an initial relationship with the faculty and connect with the vice principal, librarian, and maintenance person of the school. They've already began brainstorming follow up and additional things we can do for Raymo...

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