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Redeeming Marriages - Four Corners Community

Within one of The Well’s Communities you can expect to find groups of people eating together, sharing stories, serving their neighbors, and building solid friendships. Recently, one of our communities noticed a disturbing trend of failing marriages in their neighborhood. Several families decided to take a step forward and invest in their neighbors’ marriages. For eight weeks people of varying degrees of faith in Christ, but all broken and living in an unforgiving world, met for one and a half hours to share a meal and discuss the realities of marriage in a radically authentic environment. The following video was taken after what was planned to be the last discussion, but as you are about to see, the conversation has only begun. -Michael Willis, Four Corners Community Leader

To join a Community:

1) Email with name, address, number.
2) Text 240.772.1282 with name, address, number.