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Serve Refugees


In recent months, the global refugee crisis has taken over the news. There are more refugees now than ever recorded in history. 60 million worldwide. Much attention has been on Syria and the devastation of its civil war, which has claimed 200,000 lives and counting. In addition, it has caused over 12 million Syrians to flee in search of safety and half are children.

We understand the current political discussion revolves around the refugee program and the issues of national security. There are important and valid points on all sides. But what we want to make crystal clear is that the discussion of the refugee vetting process is one thing, but the discussion of complete rejection of refugees and/or Muslims is another. Our Christian gospel response must not be inaction or distancing or rejection, driven by fear. Our gospel response must be action and extending of love, aid, and the gospel itself, all driven by faith.

The Church has an incredible opportunity to powerfully act, motivated and empowered by the gospel.

Here are several tangible ways you can take action to love refugees right where they are:

GIVE ONLINE – Aid and Development for Refugees in the Middle East

  • World Vision (trusted) – World Vision has scaled up their response to the crisis, and your help is needed more than ever. Help refugees and internally displaced people, half of whom are children, by giving them the vital resources (adequate shelter, clothing, food, and basic supplies) they need to keep children safe, healthy, and secure. Please pray for these children, and give a gift to help Syrian families today.
  • World Relief (trusted) – Working with local churches to provide urgent supplies in Jordan, Turkey, and Iraq meeting practical needs of Syrian refugees at this critical time, supplying temporary shelters, hygiene items, trauma therapy for women and children, and more. Through partnerships with local organizations and churches, the World Relief office in Jordan is providing non-food items to displaced refugee families, as well as sponsoring child friendly spaces for mothers and children.

SERVE RIVERDALE – Aid and Development for Refugees in Maryland

  • Donate Winter Clothing – All sizes needed (small children to adult). Bring clean and bagged clothes on Sundays and drop off at the Connection Table.
  • Prayer Walks – Join the Riverdale CG’s ongoing prayer walks to walk the neighborhood to pray for refugee families, provide encouragement, and evangelize. Email
  • Conversational English w/ Refugee Women – There are several refugee Muslim women who want to learn and practice English. Take part in weekly or monthly Conversational English sessions. No experience necessary. A training session will be provided. Email
  • Move To Riverdale – Is your heart impassioned for refugees? You don’t need to go overseas. Consider moving into Riverdale and joining the Riverdale Community Group to love, serve and reach refugee families with the gospel, right here in our backyard. At the very least, have a conversation with Eric and Lisa So. Email

PRAY – Direct access to a loving, merciful, gracious, and powerful God

  • Prayer Guide – Use this helpful prayer guide that provides a major prayer request for each day of the week.

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