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Shifting to Two Services


 Shifting to Two Services.

In the Book of Acts, we see God doing a mighty work, “adding to their number day by day those who are being saved" (Acts 2:46-47). Luke continues to give other similar updates throughout the whole book.

The Well is also growing! Four and a half years ago, we were a church of six (Courtney, me and four kids!) Via procreation and God’s amazing grace, we have seen God add new believers and connect in believers who had no church home. We now average around 150 adults and 40-60 kids on a Sunday (without college students). There are currently 11 Community Groups (5 new ones multiplying/launching in the next couple months) with 30+ 3D Groups in them, scattering together with the gospel each month. Many are bursting at the seams, increasing the need of co-leaders, new leaders and new groups. As more Community Groups are multiplied, more will hear the good news of Jesus, be raised from death to life, and enjoy our church family as we follow Jesus together for the good of the world. As a result of all this, more will gather together on Sunday mornings.

We gather on Sunday mornings for the following reasons. 1. To celebrate together our Savior, the one who saved us even though we did not and could not deserve it. 2. To provide an avenue (not the only one - Communities and 3Ds are others) for people who do not yet worship God to understand their need for him in order to become fellow worshippers. 3. For the church to learn and better understand the gospel/faith which in turn, makes us want to worship God more and to have others worship Him as well.

We need to create space. Studies show that when a church service reaches 80% capacity, new folks no longer feel comfortable attending, and old folks begin inviting new folks less. It’s a barrier. More importantly, and guiding this decision, The Elders, Deacon, Staff, leaders of service teams, and our Community Group Leaders have been in prayer seeking the right timing for a shift to two services.

We will shift to two services starting September 18th. The two services will be at 9:15am and 11:15am. Service times were chosen based on your feedback. We are excited about this shift because we believe it will enable us to reach more and more people with the gospel! Would you please pray for a mighty movement of God in this transition?

Family Ministry. Only the 9:15am service will provide Family Ministry (kids program) at this time. We encourage all families with children to attend this service, if possible. Our hope is that we could provide Family Ministry for both services in the future when we have enough volunteers to do so. (Sign up to serve in Family Ministry!)

Would you consider serving on a Sunday morning Service Team? Welcome Team (Setup/TearDown, Greeting, Follow-up), Family Ministry (Kids) and Tech/AV are the teams most impacted by an additional service, so please consider joining the work, linking arms with the church body, and serving on one of these teams. Sign up here for interest. You will be contacted by a team lead, hear about the role, and be given time and space to decide if you’d like to try that role out or not. No pressure.

God is doing a mighty work. Let’s all join in, praying and serving, that many would come to know Christ, that we would worship Him more, and that the gospel would transform the Silver Spring and Northern DC region.


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