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We're a church planting church. Church planting is in our DNA.

Church planting is imprinted in our vision, structures, practices, and budget. The Scriptures show disciples being made, leaders being sent and churches being planted, left and right. The gospel advances as churches plant churches!

The church is God's redemptive agent in his mission to rescue and redeem the world. We're not just aiming for one or two big churches, but a multitude of local churches dedicated to planting churches, all joining in God's mission together.

So what does this mean? We will develop new planters, plant new churches, and support church plants. Check out each link below.

1. Church Plants We Support

We strategically support a handful of local church plants to further advance the gospel in the DC area. Learn more about the planters and churches we support.

2. Plant With Us

The Well provides assessment, training, coaching, and resources for new planters. Whether you are a prospective planter who is wrestling with the call or a planter already in the process, we'd love to talk to you. Learn more.

3. Our Networks

We plant as part of a number of church planting networks. Learn more about the networks we are connected with.