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Relational commitment creates relational flourishing. “Making it official,” is the movement from instability to stability, shallow waters to deep. We are asking you to consider this commitment at The Well by becoming a member.

Decide to connect here. Decide to serve and give here. This is your church home, we (all of us, the good the bad and the ugly) are your church family. Membership is the decision to keep it so, as long as you are in the DC area.

This stability and commitment in an otherwise transient, consumer focused, ready-to-leave-yesterday culture is foundational for flourishing relationships at The Well. This is a decision to go to Community Group and invest in the relationships of your “Family on Mission Together,” because that is what they are, family. This is a decision to serve on a Sunday Morning Service Team because we sacrifice for each other and the Gospel is worth our effort. This is a decision to give financially because of how generously Christ has given to us, His family, and we have decided that demonstration and declaration of the gospel is worth our funds.

So, take the step to attend this Membership Class, and then decide if you want to become a member of The Well. Help shape the church family however long that God gives you in the DC area. Decide, that you will connect, serve and give yourself here to follow Jesus together for the good of the world.

Ready to become a Member of The Well? Email Brandon Smith.


Interested in the biblical foundations for membership? Check out this short article by Matt Chandler.