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We all have a story. When our small story gets woven into the grand epic of God's plan, He gets all the praise and we experience life as it was made to be lived. Things get fun. Here are some stories from The Well. May God begin to rewrite yours, listening to His work in our lives.


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God Revealed

Watch as we say "see you soon" to Susannah and Willis......

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Costa Rica Youth Transcultural Trip

We are so happy to see how God has surprised us during our first High School trip abroad. We have 16 students and 6 leaders heading to work with YMA to build a home in Costa Rica. Pray for them as they share the gospel and leave their comfort zone......

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Oscar and Faith Covenant Renewal

Oscar and Faith decide to renew their covenant after 5 years of marriage. It's an amazing story of renewal through Jesus......

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Oscar Baptism

In his baptism video, Oscar shares his story of brokenness and the hope that can only come through Jesus. In the midst of that, he experienced the love of God and the depth of community with other believers. He is a new creature in Christ.......

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HS Graduation God Revealed

We are so thankful that God gave us our first crop of graduating high school seniors. They all will be attending colleges out of state. We pray for their continual spiritual growth and their next season of life....

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Baby Dedication Mother's Day 2024

What a celebration when we have the blessing to present Children to God here at the Well CC. It’s especially fitting to do them on a day when we honor mothers. We believe all lives, even the littlest of them hold immeasurable value because they too are image bearers of God. They are formed by God, for His glory and for his eternal purpose. ...

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Rebecca Baptism

In her baptism video, Rebecca shares her story of isolation and brokenness. In the midst of that, she experienced the love of God and the depth of community with other believers....

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Reve Baptism Story

In her baptism video, Reve shares the story of how she recognized her efforts of placing her hope in herself did not lead her where she wanted. It was through the pandemic that she began reading more about Jesus and recognized her need for him. She now places her hope in the one who loves her....

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Greta Baptism Story

In her baptism video, Greta shares the story of growing up in a Christian home and over time coming to have faith of her own. She recognized the way God was changing her thoughts, feelings, and actions, as well as the peace that came as she began praying on her own....

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Micah Baptism Story

In his baptism video, Micah shares the story of growing up in a Christian home and coming to have faith of his own over time. He recognized getting baptized was not about being perfect, but about proclaiming his faith in Jesus with boldness....

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