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Thrives happen throughout the year, with topics ranging from how to share the gospel with your neighbors or how to practice a biblical approach to your finances. Sometimes they are gender or stage-of-life specific, and other times they are open to anyone in and outside of The Well church body.

Key leaders teach these seminars on fresh and relevant topics that challenge each of us to expand our knowledge, ask hard questions, and meet new people.

Check out our schedule below for upcoming Thrives this winter/spring. Click the RSVP links below to sign up for one (or more than one!) that interests you. 


Missions Thrive - What is missions? How do we participate in missions? What is God's heart for missions? What is my role in missions? Join us for our upcoming Missions Thrive to discuss this and more. We will meet March 6th, 13th, 20th, and 27th at 11:15am in the Annex. Sign up here.

Toddler Thrive Parenting toddlers is exhausting! Above all, it’s an exercise in stewardship, leadership, and dependence on God.  We can’t afford to settle for whatever parenting style is in vogue with the current cultural climate. The Bible gives us vital wisdom related to parenting. These principles are crucial as we navigate shepherding our little ones.If your child/children are between the ages of 1-4yr old, we invite you to join us for a three week Thrive. On Sunday, February 6th, 13th and 20th, at 11:15am, in the Annex, we will talk through the definition of Toddlerdom, its primary developmental stages, how to handle authority struggles, discipline tactics, bedtime tips, work and family balance, and how to not lose your mind in the process! We hope you will join us. Sign Up Here


Please contact Thuli or Courtney Klingler if you have questions



Visit our What's Happening page for any upcoming Events!