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Thrives happen throughout the year, with topics ranging from how to share the gospel with your neighbors or how to practice a biblical approach to your finances. Sometimes they are gender or stage-of-life specific, and other times they are open to anyone in and outside of The Well church body.

Key leaders teach these seminars on fresh and relevant topics that challenge each of us to expand our knowledge, ask hard questions, and meet new people.

Check out our schedule below for the upcoming Thrives Fall. Click the RSVP links below to sign up for one (or more than one!) that interests you. 


If you're interested in leading a Thrive on a specific topic, please fill out this form HERE

Upcoming Fall Thrives

Faith, Sexuality and Identity for Teens (8/26 @ 10:30a) - Students, in their teeneage years, are bombarded with a myriad of life reorienting topics and experiences. In today's climate and with the proliferation of information via cell phones, it is important that we faithfully walk with our kids through these topics. We will discuss things that every teenager will inevitably engage in but through a biblical lens. (Who am I?, Why Am I?, How Ought I?) Please RSVP HERE.


From ADAM to NOAH (Sept. 17 - Dec 3) - Join us as we study Genesis 2-5 together through a free class offered by BibleProject and taught virtually by Dr. Tim Mackie. We will watch a few sessions individually and discuss online via Slack each week. We will also gather every few weeks for in-person gatherings to share what we are learning. You can RSVP here. Get More Details HERE


Missions Thrive (Oct 15 - Nov 12) - If you are thinking of taking a mission trip with our church in 2024, we strongly encourage you to join us for a five-week introduction to mission. Some of the questions we will be addressing are:

  • What is missions?
  • How do we participate in missions?
  • What is God's heart for missions?

We will be reading through John Piper’s book, Let the Nations be Glad!.  His thesis is “missions is not the ultimate goal of the church - Worship is". Missions exist because worship of the true God doesn’t. Worship is ultimate, not missions, because God is ultimate, not man. Therefore, mission should not be our primary focus or our end results. But rather, a byproduct of understanding God’s character, nature, and his heart. RSVP HERE.


Apologetics Thrive: Learn What You Believe and Why! (Oct 22 - Dec 17) - The ability to "make a defense" for the faith is fundamental to growing in Christ. We want to be equipped to always be ready to deliver a reason for the hope that is in us whenever asked. This thrive will prepare you for that. RSVP HERE! 

Topics will be: 

  • Week 1 - Introduction: Objective Truth, and The Existence of God
  • Week 2 - The Reliability of the New (and Old) Testament
  • Week 3 - Miracles and The Resurrection of Jesus
  • Week 4 - The Problem of Evil
  • Week 5 - Christianity vs Other Religions and "Christian" Cults
  • Week 6 - Tactics: How to Talk About Apologetics in Your Day-to-Day


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