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Thrives happen throughout the year, with topics ranging from how to share the gospel with your neighbors or how to practice a biblical approach to your finances. Sometimes they are gender or stage-of-life specific, and other times they are open to anyone in and outside of The Well church body.

Key leaders teach these seminars on fresh and relevant topics that challenge each of us to expand our knowledge, ask hard questions, and meet new people.

Check out our schedule below for the upcoming Thrives Fall. Click the RSVP links below to sign up for one (or more than one!) that interests you. 


If you're interested in leading a Thrive on a specific topic, please fill out this form HERE

 Fall Semester Thrives


Missions Thrive (Oct 23rd; 4 wks; during the second service)  Join us for a four-week introduction to mission. Some of the questions we will be addressing:

  • What is missions?
  • How do we participate in missions?
  • What is God's heart for missions?

We will be reading through John Piper’s book, Let The Nations be Glad!, his thesis is “missions is not the ultimate goal of the church - Worship is. Missions exists because worship doesn’t. Worship is ultimate, not missions because God is ultimate, not man.
Therefore, the end result of our mission work should not be our primary focus but rather a byproduct of our love for God that is rooted in understanding His character, nature, and heart. Sign Up Here

Exploring Christianity (Nov 13th; 5 weeks; During the Second Service) The word 'Christian' is something that can be cracked open to reveal a myriad of beliefs, worldviews, and even political views. From Mormons to Westboro Baptist Church, it can be more confusing than clarifying to identify as Christian. Rather than it being a descriptive word for those who adhere to the teachings of Christ and His apostles, it is filled with the 21st century's most vitriolic stances. How do we get away from this reality? One way is by starting again at its root.

Join us and invite someone who wants to get down to understanding this basic question - "What is Christianity?". If you are exploring Christianity or if you are at the beginning of faith in Jesus, this Thrive is for you. We will discover, through the teachings of Tim Keller's book Jesus is King, how Christianity isn't a set of rules to be compared with every other religion. It is the most profound message in all of human history. This is a safe space for non-believers and skeptics. Invite someone who would benefit greatly from this time! Sign Up Here!


UPCOMING THRIVES - Apologetics and Defending the Faith (Winter '23)


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