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Thrives happen throughout the year, with topics ranging from how to share the gospel with your neighbors or how to practice a biblical approach to your finances. Sometimes they are gender or stage-of-life specific, and other times they are open to anyone in and outside of The Well church body.

Key leaders teach these seminars on fresh and relevant topics that challenge each of us to expand our knowledge, ask hard questions, and meet new people.

Check out our schedule below for upcoming Thrives this fall. Use the Typeform below to sign up for one (or more than one!) that interests you. 


Fall 2019 Thrive Seminars


Financial Peace.

Sign up for Financial Peace on October 20th through December 29th during our 9:30 service. RSVP Here!


Redemptive Parenting.

The submission of Jesus to the will of God the Father, even to the point of death on
the cross, is the pattern of Christian humility that we ought to exhibit in our
marriages and relationship with our children. However, because of sin, many of our
family relationships feature brokenness, hostility, and even abuse. Join us as David
Feiser and Mario Lagman, LCPC, teach our “How to Thrive as a Family” Thrive series,
which will meet during the 9:30 service on September 8th, September 15th, and
September 22nd. RSVP Here! 

Seeker Challenge Training. 

Have you ever wanted to walk through the Bible with someone who is interested in
learning more about Christianity, but don’t know exactly how to begin? In our
Seeker Challenge Training, we will model how to do so by answering the simple
question: “Who is Jesus?” We will discuss selected verses from the Gospel of John.
We will also provide a handout to help Bible study leaders facilitate discussion.
Community Group Leaders are especially invited to these sessions. These trainings
will take place on September 8th and October 13th. RSVP Here! 

How to Have Spiritual Conversations.

Your boss’ mother recently passed away and he is going through a season of
mourning. Your best friend just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and is blowing up
her Instagram page with every day that passes by in this newborn’s life. Your friend
is going through a bad break-up and it seems like the world is ending. Your cousin is
about to marry her childhood sweetheart and expects to live happily ever after.
Another friend is struggling with an abusive spouse and she sees no way out. Your
co-worker just got a big promotion and all of a sudden feels like he is the “Top Dog”
at work. Meanwhile, your company is downsizing and your co-workers are anxious
about whether they are going on the chopping block next. Given each of these
situations, how would you share the hope that you have in Christ in a compelling
way? Join us on September 15th, September 29th, and October 6th, as Anna Ruby
from Frontiers USA teaches our “How to Have Spiritual Conversations” Thrive series
this fall during the 11:15 service. RSVP Here!

Thrive: Biblical Interpretation.

Join Us for Biblical Interpretation on September 29th through October 13th during our 11:15 service. RSVP Coming Soon! 


Teachable Moments.

Join us as we learn how to use the ordinary moments to major milestones and seasons in our children’s lives to point them to Christ. Sunday October 20th at 11:15am RSVP Here!

Can’t Live Without It Series.

When we seek to answer the big questions about reality, such as “What should I
believe about God?” and “How does He relate to me?” there are many other
questions that we need to ask first. We need to figure out what source of authority
is reliable and sufficient to provide us the answers we need to these questions. And
then we need to ask about how God has specifically revealed himself to the world
through that authority. What is God like? What is God like in relation to us? How
does God intervene in our lives and in history? What direction is my life going in
relation to God’s purposes? What direction is history going in relation to God’s
purposes? Join us as we think through these questions in our “Can’t Live Without It”
Thrive series this fall, every Sunday during the 11:15 service beginning October
27th. RSVP Here!



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