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Church, there's nothing better you can do with your time this January than to take an hour (or two) and sit with the LORD at the turn of this year. Fight to find this time, help each other find this time. We must reflect on the past year, and meet Him intimately as we head into the coming year together. 

Here are some tools for you and your your groups to do so. 

1. Jan CG Reflection Guide- Use this guide personally (and with your CG/3D) to reflect on the past year, and towards the coming year. You’ll be glad you did. LINK.

2. Pastor Matt's personal annual reflection process, it’s just what he does annually to reflect on the past year, enjoy/tailor it to your own use if you like. LINK.

3. Get to know God in 2022- In your times of solitude, silence, prayer and scripture, use this SOAP guide to help you interact with the Living God this new year. If you want to go a bit deeper in the scriptures, try this GROW guide in your times with God.

4. The Ruthless Elimination of Hurryby John Mark Comer outlines the biblical and practical foundations for a life of silence and solitude. Deeper intimacy with God and others awaits as we pattern our lives after Jesus. Here is a "How To" guide to lead you to the feet of Jesus as you unhurry your life