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Linkages to Learning Holiday Party.

Holiday party 2

This past Thursday evening, Linkages to Learning hosted a holiday party for around 200 people (approximately 76 families).  The Well Community Church was able to serve by donating gift cards to help out with some of these families' Christmas gifts, as well as providing a few people to serve drinks and food.  We were able to show God's love in a couple of neat ways: 1) In the rush of gathering items needed for the party, drinks were forgotten, so we were able to rush to the store last minute and buy water bottles and lemonade, and 2) due to a mix-up with the dates on the part of the caterer, we arrived to pick up the food and they had not prepared it!!! This could have been a huge deal, but because a couple of us from The Well could stay and wait for the food and deliver it as soon as it was ready, Linkages staff was able to stay at the party and rearrange the order of events to accommodate the late arrival of the food.