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Mercy Team: Vulnerable Children Care w/ Shelby Houser.


Prior to moving to Maryland, my full-time work was to educate my community about domestic sex trafficking. The fact that American children are vulnerable to this heinous crime has gripped my heart since I first learned of it 10 years ago. I later learned that foster children are at higher risk of falling victim to human trafficking, a truth that inspired me to prompt others to foster or adopt to protect these kids. At The Well, we’re passionate about obeying God’s command to care for vulnerable children. But what if we’re not sure if we’re called to personal foster or adopt, or what if this just isn’t the right season? In my job in anti-trafficking, my favorite role was to connect people I educated with practical, tangible action steps, and that’s just what God has called me to do here at The Well. He equipped me to be a Connector! Currently, The Well has families who foster, provide respite care, or have recently adopted. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we, the church, could provide wrap around care for those families, supporting them in tangible ways like babysitting, cooking dinner for a meal train, donating diapers, or providing financial support? Would you take action with me to care for vulnerable kids as we support the families who are opening their homes and hearts to them? Whether your goal is to prevent human trafficking, care for vulnerable children, or to eventually adopt a child into your family, you can start with a simple action step! Send me an email at if you’d like to learn more. I would love to Connect you!