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Summary of Helping Afghan-American Family



The violence & turmoil happening in Afghanistan has horrified us all. But, if you're like me, even though we've mourned the losses & donated to the relief funds, most of us remain relatively distant from the chaos & danger. I don't have any family in Afghanistan, so I'm grateful I was able to meet an Afghan-American family who fled Afghanistan last week and returned safely to their home in Dallas.

A few days ago, Pastor Matt reached out to see if I could help coordinate airport transportation for a family of 4 from Afghanistan. I quickly agreed to pick up the family myself and Matt connected me with a mutual friend from Dallas who was able to share a little bit about the family & their needs.  She shared that her former employee, an Afghan American & a US Citizen, had just evacuated Kabul with her two kids (2yr and 4mo). Her husband flew up to DC to meet her and they planned to fly back home to Dallas. This friend shared that the family is Muslim and had been blow away with the abundant love of Christ through an ARMY of believers over the past week. Now, they just needed to be picked up & taken to the airport. It felt good to be able to say yes to this simple request, to do SOMETHING, albeit small. We let our community know, and one of the families put together a little backpack for the 4-year old, full of snacks & activities for the plane ride.

When I picked up the family, they shared with me about the long and scary flight the mother and 2 children had endured just a few days prior. They had been stuck in the plane on the tarmac for 7 hours before taking off on their 14-hour flight overseas. Once they had landed at Dulles, they remained stuck on the plane for another 7 hours while they waited for security officials to arrive & individually screen each passenger (most were Afghan refugees) on the plane. Needless to say, this sweet family was exhausted on every level. I'm glad we could play a tiny part in loving them by welcoming them back to the states. Pray for Afghanistan and all of the families affected by these awful current events. Please pray that this family would come to know & love Jesus.