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Get Ready To Celebrate!


This Sunday will be The Well’s 2 Year Celebration! Wow. Praise God for planting this church, transforming lives, growing the body, and empowering us as we take the gospel out on mission here in Silver Spring. All because of Jesus. All to Jesus.

We want to give you a heads up on several things so you’ll be ready to celebrate Sunday morning.

1) Building Next Door. The SDA church has blessed us by allowing The Well to have our 2 Year Celebration in their Main Worship building. It is next door (to the right) of the Annex building, where we typically gather. Look for signs and greeters.

2) Parking. We anticipate the parking lot to be a bit tight so we need your help. Young Adults: If many of you would consider parking at the Public Parking Garage right on Spring Street, that would be a huge help in making sure Families w/ children and Visitors/Newcomers can find a decent parking space. Thank you, in advance.

3) Families with Children. We encourage you to pull up into the semi-circle right in front of the worship building. We will do our best to find you a parking spot right up front.

4) Welcome Lunch. We will continue our celebration with a welcome lunch after the Sunday Gathering. It will be in the Annex building (our usual worship space).

5) Service Teams. If you are part of a Service Team for this Sunday, please come early by 8:30a.

6) Invite a Friend. Talk to a neighbor, a friend, a coworker. Take a risk and ask them to join us this Sunday. We’d love for them to get a good glimpse of who Jesus is and what he’s doing through His church as we celebrate. We’re going to be showing off Jesus!

7) Let’s Pray. Let’s be praying for God to move powerfully here in Silver Spring. We are so grateful for the past two years but we want to see the gospel multiply more and more Jesus followers and gospel-centered churches. Join our Prayer Night this Saturday at 7p.

That’s it. Now, I know you’ll be ready!

May this Sunday’s celebration be a reminder of God’s faithfulness and goodness for The Well’s first two years.

May it also be a reminder of Christ’s finished work on the cross and how it makes us whole, fills us with power and hope, and sends us out on mission to proclaim the Good News as we await His return to make all things right.

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