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How is the Gospel?

What if someone asked you, “How do you live in the gospel?” As Matt and I prepare to move, we have been on a journey through the New Testament and The Gospel Centered Life to answer it. How do we live gospel-centered lives? Philippians 1:27 commands, “Whatever happens, conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ”

Sometimes, I learn best from the negative. What would it look like if I was living in a manner UNWORTHY of the gospel? Interestingly enough, I had just taken this self-assessment a few days ago. When we don’t believe the love of God is freely given to us in the finished work of Christ, we live in the following ungospel-like ways:

  1. Needs to look good
  2. Has to fix your own an others’ problems
  3. Needs to be right
  4. Strong-willed with ideas, agendas, and opinions
  5. Has a critical spirit (complaining and bitterness)
  6. Tears others down
  7. “Competent analyst” of others’ weaknesses
  8. Tends to compare yourself with others
  9. Needs to be in control of situations and others
  10. Anxious about friends, money, school, grades, etc

Yikes! Needless to say, I saw a bit too much of myself. We all need to confess our tendency to rely on ourselves rather than Christ. Conducting myself in a manner worthy of the gospel requires me to remember two things:

  1. An awareness of my inadequacy/sin
  2. An awareness of God’s holiness.

Since last Friday, I’ve been praying to be overwhelmed by God’s holiness and fully acknowledge my sin. This leads to constant, freeing, life-giving confession, as I cling to the cross for help. When I desire to please or impress others, I must confess my insecurity. When I struggle with wanting to control how we pack the house and prepare to move, I must confess my pride. When I have long days with screaming kids, attempting to keep the house immaculate, overcome with laundry and meals, I must admit my desire to handle it all in my own strength and ability. I’m not God, and that’s ok… because of the cross.

So, I am working at confession. It is hard to admit my sin. But if I say I am someone who confidently lives in a manner worthy of the gospel, then I must believe that Christ died for all my junk and freely gives me significance and love. I am going to risk being vulnerable with myself, my husband and those around me. This shines a bright light on the work of Jesus, not my feeble attempts to put on a perfect front. I believe that is a life worthy of the gospel!

- Courtney Klingler

Please be praying for:

  1. Matt and I to continue to grow in the gospel together
  2. For the Holy Spirit to be preparing people’s hearts in Silver Spring to respond to the gospel and hand their lives over to Christ.
  3. The sale of our house.