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Parents' Corner | December 1, 2019








Dear Parents,

The story of Job helps believers see God alone is all-powerful, sovereign, and good. Job’s story is one all people can relate to, as everyone will suffer in his or her lifetime. God’s dialogue with Job reveals His characteristics clearly.

“Have you ever in your life commanded the morning or assigned the dawn its place?” (Job 38:12) God is all-powerful! “Does the eagle soar at your command and make its nest on high?” (Job 39:27) God is sovereign. “Who provides the raven’s food when its young cry out to God and wander about for lack of food?” (Job 38:41) God is good.

Throughout all of Job’s suffering, Job never turned away from God. Listen to Job’s response to God’s questions: “I am so insignificant. How can I answer You?” (Job 40:4). Job didn’t understand his suffering, but he understood who God is.

While the Book of Job speaks volumes to the problem of human suffering, it is also an important picture of how a suffering person should relate to God. Though Job sometimes doubted God, he never turned away. Job’s suffering actually brought him closer to God.

Pray that you will help your kids understand the story of Job and its implications. Point them to the true suffering servant, Jesus, who was truly innocent yet suffered greatly so that we could be brought closer to God in both our suffering and our joy.

Job reminds us that following Jesus will be worth it. God is good, present, and in control. We can trust Him when we don’t understand the pain we have to endure. At the cross, God used the ultimate pain to bring about the ultimate good: our future and final salvation from sin.

God Bless, 

David Feiser
Family Ministry Pastor
The Well Community Church 


Family Starting Points

December 1, 2019

Scripture Memory: 1 John 4:14

“And we have seen and testify that the Father has sent his Son to be the Savior of the world.” 

Big Picture Question: 

Why can we trust God? We can trust God because He is good.

Bible Story: Job

  • Many troubles happened to Job, and Job did not know why.
  • God talked to Job and Job learned that God is in control.
  • God gave Job back all the things he lost.

Family Discussion Starters: 

  • Why did Job’s friends think he had done something wrong?
  • Think of a time something sad happened to someone who did good or something good happened to someone who did wrong.
  • Name specific ways God is in control.

Family Activity:

  • Identify a family in your community who is suffering. Serve them in a practical way by providing a meal or childcare or doing yard work.
  • Pray for persecuted Christians in a particular region and the people who persecute them.

Next Week:


  • Praises of God’s People (Psalms 1, 100, 110)