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Parents' Corner | July 28, 2019






Dear Parents,

Following Joshua’s death, the Israelites were without a leader. They fell into a cycle of sin that can be seen during each reign of the judges. The cycle is marked by an A-B-C-D-E pattern. Let’s look at the first judge, Othniel, to see this pattern.

First, the people fell into Apostasy. They turned away from God and served other gods. (Judg. 3:7) Next, they experienced a period of Bondage. God was angry with the Israelites, and He gave them into the hand of the king of Aram. (v. 8) Third, the people Cried out to God. (v. 9) God sent a Deliverer to save them. (vv. 9-10) Finally, they had Ease in the land. (v. 11) Then Othniel died.

This pattern continued with Ehud. The people had again turned from God. Their apostasy made God angry. He sent them into bondage by strengthening the king of Moab to defeat Israel. The Israelites served the king of Moab for 18 years.

The Moabites were well-fed, especially the king. They enjoyed the fruit of the Israelites’ labor while the Israelites went hungry. By thrusting a sword into the king’s belly, Ehud disemboweled the king and left him dead on the floor of his room. The fat covered over the handle of the sword so that Ehud could not remove it.

After Ehud delivered Israel, the Israelites struck down the Moabites and there was peace in the land for eighty years.

But Ehud would die, and they would need another judge to lead them. The Israelites needed someone better than a judge; they needed a king who would save them not only from the consequences of their sin, but the sin itself. That was all part of God’s plan. God sent a true Deliverer; His Son, Jesus, died for our sin and delivered us forever from the oppression of sin and death.

God Bless, 

David Feiser
Family Ministry Pastor
The Well Community Church 

Family Starting Points

July 28, 2019

Scripture Memory: 2 Corinthians 5:17

“If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old is gone, and the new has come.”

Big Picture Question: 

Whom does God use in His plan? God uses people in His plan.

Bible Story: The First Judges (Judges 3:7-31)

  • The Israelites began to disobey God after Joshua died.
  • God let Israel’s enemies defeat them and rule over them.
  • God sent a judge when the Israelites cried out to Him for help.
  • Othniel, Ehud, and Shamgar were the first judges.

Family Discussion Starters: 

  • What sins do you do over and over again? Ask God for help.
  • Who are the leaders has God put in our lives? How can we follow them?

Family Activity:

  • Play a game of “Follow-the-Leader” through your neighborhood.
  • Go further: Write, decorate, and send thank-you cards to leaders whom God has placed in your life. Consider including a gift card as well.