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Resources to Guide Your Study of Acts


The book of Acts is an exciting, and sometimes hard to understand story of the early church living out their faith. Below are a few resources to help guide your study. These resources can be used individually, in community, or with your 3D.

Acts Study Resources

Acts NIV Application Commentary – The commentary is easy to read and walks the reader through the original meaning of the text all the way to the contemporary significance of the passage. 

The Book of Acts – This commentary by F.F. Bruce, is more technical. It is written in an academic style, but you can certainly use this commentary. It is a great commentary for understanding the book of Acts.

Exalting Jesus in Acts – Tony Merida is a wonderful preacher and author. This commentary series is very easy to read and will be a great help in your bible study.

Acts for You (1-12)Acts for You is a brand new commentary by Al Mohler. The format of this commentary series is great for personal study and 3D groups. Reflection questions are built into each section and can easily be used in a 3D group. (Unfortunately, this volume only covers chapter 1-12 and volume two will not be released until next year.)

The Bible Project videos on Acts – Two great videos showing the overarching story of Acts.

Evangelism: Studies in the book of Acts Part 1 - This is an in-depth 29-week study by Tim Keller. It is great to study on your own or work through the built-in discussion questions with your 3D groups. (Studies in the book of Acts Park 2)


Both resources are available at

  1. GROW– This is a tool created by The Well to help you work through any passage of the Bible. This tool will help you dig into the text and apply the word of God to your own life.
  2. 3D Meeting Guide– If you are reading Acts in your 3D, this tool will help you discuss the passages you have been reading. These are simple questions to help you process and apply the word of God together.