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Resources to Guide Your Study of Judges

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I am excited to study the book of Judges with you. To be honest, I have never spent a lot of time reading the book of Judges. It is challenging and has some fantastic stories.

On Monday, I sat down for an extended time of prayer and Bible reading with the staff. Using the Bible study guide we’re offering, I worked through the first few chapters of Judges. The guide allowed me to slow down and look at the details of the text, and it pointed out things that I missed during my first reading of the passage. One aspect that stood out to me was how God gives very detailed commands. God does not make rules haphazardly. He cares about His holiness and our good.

My hope and prayer is that we would all grow in knowledge and love for God through diving into the book of Judges.

Judges Study Resources

Judges: The Flawed and the Flawless by Tim Keller – This is a great study to do as an individual or with your 3D. It is very easy to use and it guides your study of the scripture. ($8 available for purchase on Sunday)

Judges for You Commentary by Tim Keller – An excellent readable commentary by Dr. Tim Keller. One great feature of this commentary is the discussion questions to process each section of scripture. ($20 available for purchase on Sunday)

The Bible Project’s video on Judges – We showed a snippet of this video last Sunday during the introduction to our new series. This video continues to walk through the book of Judges with illustrations to guide your comprehension of the narrative.

Bible Study Method

Both resources are available at

1. GROW – This is a tool created by The Well to help you work through any passage of the Bible. This tool will help you dig into the text and apply the word of God to your own life.

2. 3D Meeting Guide – If you are reading Judges in your 3D, this tool will help you discuss the passages you have been reading. These are simple questions to help you process and apply the word of God together.