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Summer Bible Reading Plan


On Sunday, we kicked off our summer series, One Story - Making Sense of the Old Testament. The Old Testament is often avoided or misinterpreted because it is difficult to understand. But Jesus purposefully gave us the key to understanding the Old Testament!

All of scripture is one story that points to Jesus, is fulfilled in Jesus, and is understood through Jesus. That's the lens in which we read and study the Old Testament. 

As part of the One Story series, we have created a Summer Bible Reading Plan to guide and rally our church family to follow Jesus through the Old Testament. We will learn how to read the Old Testament and in the process know and love our Savior more.

Would you commit to journeying through the Old Testament with us this summer? Read one chapter a day and use the GROW tool to jot down what you learn, questions, and applications. Go through it with your 3D group, if you can. Let's follow Jesus through His Word!

Download Links: Summer Bible Reading Plan + GROW Bible Study Tool


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Good Keller article on OT and NT connection and how to make sense of OT Law:

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