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Thoughts and Reflections on Ahmaud Arbery's Shooting


What are we to think in light of the recent tragedy of Ahmaud Arbery? How should Christians respond?

Pastor Matt, Pastor David, and our church planting resident Danny Chung are joined by Pastor Eric So and Brandon Smith of Peace City Church. In this conversation, the group shares their initial reactions to the tragedy, discuss how shocked and surprised we should be about these type of events, share practical ways to minister to different races within our congregations, and offer thoughts about how we are to move forward.

This conversation is a long one but much needed in times like these. Viewer note, this conversation was recorded Tuesday morning May 12th.

Find a comfortable place to listen, and/or invite others to listen along with you. Part 2 of this conversation can be found here. If you are looking for the podcast of this conversation, please go to our podcast page on Itunes here