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Tuesday Tidbits for Parents: July 14, 2020

Each of our families are headed in some direction. The question is: which one?
What's most important to your family? What are your objectives/goals? What things does your family schedule revolve around? The answers to these questions reveal where our hearts lie, what mission(s) we are serving, and what directions we are taking our families.

Maybe it was much easier to answer these questions four months ago, before things changed dramatically for most of us. The pandemic threw off most of our schedules and plans. But this gives us the perfect opportunity to do some reflection and make any necessary changes.

Do you want to be different at the end of this as a family? Or better yet, ought you to be living differently at the end of this as a family to be better aligned with God's mission for and through your family? How?

I love this quote from Tina Houser, "Your schedule is an invisible accountability partner."

Be intentional about what you choose to put into your schedule/rhythm. What you do should help you meet your objectives. 

You don't have to wait until things are "back to normal" to get aligned (or re-aligned) with God's mission for and through your family, if you've drifted. You can start heading in that direction today.


Challenge 1: Reflect on the bolded questions above. 


Challenge 2: Write a family mission statement to guide your goals, objectives, schedules, and family decisions as you seek to intentionally live out the gospel as a family.

Here are some articles to help you get started!