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The Good Samaritan

The wrong question guarantees the wrong answer. Pharisees are great at this kind of thing. It's why we find ourselves asking the wrong questions all of the time. Jesus simplifies our lives, goals, budgets, dreams, priorities and schedules, saying: eternal life is found in two places, loving God and loving your neighbor. A Pharisee can't package this (Lk10.29-37). "And who ...

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"You stink man no seriously, you stink." Ha! It was my sophomore year of college. I'll blame it on youthful naivet. What a time. It takes a good, bold, friend who cares enough to tell you something like that, for your own good. Maybe, just maybe, showering after lacrosse practice was a good idea. Classic. So, can anyone smell you? "For we are the aroma of Christ to God a...

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Worship Return

Jeremiah, blunt as ever, shared the hard truth with his world while speaking to ours. Mine even. "Stupid fools," he said (Jer10.8). They had made some really great idols, objects around which their lives rotated. It was a silly thing, worshiping statues of wood, dressed up with gold, silver, paper. Yet, the people were hopeful. Hopeful that statues would walk, shape the hi...

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Bossa Nova

There's something sweet about rhythm. Through your prayers and the resultant work of God, our bossa nova of life is swaying side to side like we're listening to the sultry sound of Gilberto's Girl From Ipanema. A friend said it and we're living it: the high highs, and low lows of church planting. Things are swinging high this week. A scratchy phonograph stylus settles abr...

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It's Wednesday. Mid week. Lots has happened, for you and me. Monday and Tuesday dominoes have toppled, so Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will fall if you want them to or not. Things set in motion tend to stay in motion, unless acted upon by an outside force, and the coming few days of this week have been set in motion. Appointments are set, calendars packed, every hour acc...

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Breaking In

Imagine how much planning went into that magnanimous intersection between the Son of man and all of humanity. I bet the Father, Son and Spirit bubbled with excitement waiting to unfold the tangible steps of a perfect plan to rescue an imperfect world full of imperfect people. All of eternity culminated in that humble moment when Mary brought forth Jesus to a motley crew of...

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Help Stage Our House To Sell!

Sometimes things go as planned sometimes not. I need your help to sell our house in Dallas. Can you loan some nice furniture to the cause? We need to stage thee areas, and if you have any furniture that may help that would be awesome! The house is more of a modern look, so if your furniture fits that decor, even better! Dining Room: Dining Table; Dining Chairs Living ...

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Like a mixed metaphor we're miners squeezing out of a wave's pipeline before the tube falls over us. Our eyes are still adjusting to the light, but we're climbing out of boxes into our house and back into life, soaking wet. There's an end to our move, transition is coming to a close. Though dizzy from the continual change, we're loving it! God is showing up all over the ca...

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I think I'm in control. You probably think you are too. Some signs? You may feel anxious, or angry. Maybe like me, you feel both, topped with strife. You know what we don't feel: joy. Anxiousness, anger, striving. You and I can expect them when we stand at the precipice of a situation we think we need to conquer, our backs to all of the other obstacles we've already contr...

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Silver Spring here we come! Hopefully. We found a place to rent in Woodmoor, in the heart the community. Our application is in and we are waiting for the green light. As the disciples stood with the resurrected Christ, watching him ascend into the heavens, His words must have marked their geographic maps with what lay around the corner. From Jerusalem, to Judea and Samaria...

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Settling In

Two days after unloading our lives into a friend's basement we took off for family vacation! Utilizing man to man coverage ten adults managed to corral nine kids safely from beach to pool to dinner and back again. It was a blast, and far from relaxing. As the week closed, for the first time in 7yrs, we didn't hop back on a plan and head home. Settling in over the next mon...

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Is It Worth It?

We're here! As Matt and I close our time sitting in a bumpy Penske, traveling over 1,000 miles in two 14 hour days, God is beginning a work in me. I know I should be excited. Filled with anticipation. Yet, as we plod through the remaining 30 miles, it hit me. This move is no longer surreal, but real. I'm not feeling so happy about the giant leap across the country from my ...

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On The Road

Our twenty-six foot Penski is way overpacked, no room for ants, or our love-seat. We pulled out at 6am, towing one car, in-laws flying as our wingman in the van.Who are you moving towards with the gospel today? Please pray: Safety and speed. A fruitful time of reflecting and looking forward together. Help unpacking on Wednesday and a smooth transition. ...

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Don't Cry

God is opening doors we didn't expect, filling needs we didn't know existed, and just flat out showing up. He's already provided 120k of next year's 170k budget, friends have loaned us houses for over a month, and today I visited our dentist for free. From the little to the big, God is faithful. We're still nomads, as a friend spends his own cash to renovate our house, se...

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Matt and I are having our house "renovated" in order to sell it. Read, "destroyed." As everything is torn to shreds, God has been doing a work on me. I'm realizing more and more, a thankful person is a needy person. We've been living out of the car, packing up every morning, leaving at 8am and returning around 8pm. As we caravan Texas as nomads, friends have opened their ...

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Me or You?

I preached my last sermon tonight at ffect, our Northwest Bible singles gathering. Tomorrow, I pack my office. July 10th we tentatively pull out for MD. Each domino sovereignly topples with joy and sadness. One question shaped tonight's closing message to the people I have loved serving. It's a question I ask myself every time I go to work; every time I come home to my wi...

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How is the Gospel?

What if someone asked you, "How do you live in the gospel?" As Matt and I prepare to move, we have been on a journey through the New Testament and The Gospel Centered Life to answer it. How do we live gospel-centered lives? Philippians 1:27 commands, "Whatever happens, conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ" Sometimes, I learn best from the negative...

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Bananas get those brown gooshy spots. Apples, wrinkly skin. Lettuce wilts. If your relationship with Christ doesn't feel fresh, it probably isn't. Your wilted leaves confirm it: you haven't shared the gospel with a friend, or anyone, recently; your journal pages are full of blank; apathy covers your bible like dust. For me, two necessities had wrinkled up and dropped from ...

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We Feel It!

You ever feel someone's prayers working in your life? Often we don't need prayer, so we don't get the chance to feel God working. We say no to prayer when we strive by our own strength, set our own agenda apart from God's leading, or attempt only petty, risk-less things in our lives. Then, prayer becomes a cameo role in the Christian-life, or coffee talk with God. Instead,...

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Solomon asked God for wisdom and he ended up nearly sawing a baby in two (1King3.16ff). The wisdom of God sometimes dresses up in unexpected clothes. When the Spirit steers our steps by faith, we're all often reminded that "God made foolish the wisdom of the world" (1Cor1.20). The wisdom of the cross befuddles the perishing, and is resurrection power for those who cling to...

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Praise God

When Joshua crossed over the Jordan into the land God had given His people, he stacked up a lot of rocks (Joshua 4.1-7). "Praise God," the stones cried out. "Don't forget this day," they said. "Don't forget it in your own life, don't forget to tell your friends and your kids, and don't ever forget to give Him the glory He is due." Let these stones tell the story. He's wort...

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Sitting in living rooms to share about the church plant with individuals and families has been such a joy. The sweetest part of our time together has to be the end of each meeting, where we ask for and receive prayer from our friends. Courtney and I have never needed prayer more than we do now, and each request and encouraging word offered to God for us, before us and Him,...

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God Taps In

What's your goal? Paul says his this way: "I want to know Christ, and the power of His resurrection, and the fellowship of sharing in His sufferings, becoming like Him in His death, and so, somehow, to attain to the resurrection from the dead." (Phil3.10) I too often say mine like this: "I want my plans to work out, to have the power to make good decisions, to move circums...

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The Latest News

We are currently preparing to head out to Silver Spring, MD. Where are we right now in the process? Getting a web page up and running. I want to thank the sets of eyes that are currently looking over this web page, offering feedback and ideas. We are in the rough of it, so stay tuned as we iron out text, graphics, and well, everything! I am praying for you all often as yo...

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