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Unity Among Believers


As we heard on Sunday about the power of unity and necessity it is for us believers to pursue love vehemently in that the glory of God may be revealed to the world, there have been some questions on the praxis of this key aspect of our Christian lives. I wanted to take a second and give some practical tips in how we can do this within our family life and/or individually, and corporately as a church both local and at large.

The first is to practice the art of presence. This is to place yourself in the environment(s) of relationship. We cannot know someone or be known if we are not present. Simple right? Yet this is probably one of the most difficult steps to take because it requires consistency, but let us remember this: anything worth anything will take work. For us at The Well, this is available through community life. Go and be with your community through family gatherings, through weekly 3Ds, and bring your spouses and children along with you. To be with people who are called into the same mission of loving others makes this possible. 

 The second is dealing with unity across the board. Now I know what you are thinking, “There is no way every Christian is going to agree with each other with all the different cultures, different history, and traditions that exist.” I’ve said this statement myself, many times if I’m being honest. Yet, a step towards pursuing those within the body (both local and universal) who are different from us in various (and beautiful) ways, we are to have a listening disposition. Again, simple right? Take moments to engage those who are different and just hear their story. To goal is not to agree, but rather to understand and love knowing we are bound together in and through Christ. This will challenge us, but in that, we will experience something profound: unity.