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Let's Pray

Let's Pray

Let's Pray “Pray continually,” Jesus says. “Yeah right,” we confess! We want to talk to God more, and we think we should. But in reality, when it comes to our prayer life, we just feel guilty. Don’t be paralyzed by your guilt and spend another season missing out on life changing conversation with God. Prayer is relationship. Prayer is power. Prayer overcomes guilt. Prayer brings comfort, joy, boldness and peace. In this six-week series, we’ll get talking and listening to God our Father together. Let’s pray.

Here are four simple guides that will help your prayer life a ton

  • Kneeling Prayer- This guide focuses on relationship with God in prayer.
  • Morning + Evening Prayer- This guide gives a simple pattern for prayer to start and end the day.
  • SOAP- This simple guide helps you spend time with God in the scriptures and prayer.
  • ACTS- This guide mirrors aspects of Jesus’ template for prayer in the LORD’s prayer.

Here are books on prayer you’ll find helpful.

The Prayer Course is a free 8 video series working through how to pray. Each video is roughly 20 minutes and comes with discussion questions.

The video and corresponding book How to Pray by Pete Greig could be fruitful and easily done with your 3D Group.Also,

Andy Stanley’s (this particular prayer series is very helpful) 4 part podcast series titled- “” is great. If you’re looking for still more… our past posts on prayer have lots of practical guidance- .