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Prayer: What You’re Missing

Isaiah 59.2 …but your iniquities have made a separation between you and your God, and your sins have hidden his face from you so that he does not hear.

If you are like me, you find your prayer life lacking. Just like someone who is outside of a relationship with God, we are missing out on the immense benefits of prayer. Outside of a conversational relationship with God, here is some of what you are missing in prayer.

1. You are alone. In your struggles and in your joys, you are unable to share them with the God who made you. His ears are closed to you, He has turned His face from you. At best you can share your triumphs with your friends, if they are around or want to hear. If someone cares to help, you can share with them your struggles, just not too often or they will tire of your neediness. God never tires. God rejoices over His children. (cf. John 1.12)

2. You are woefully self-sufficient. When faced with any challenge, mystery, or fear, you are left to your own devices to succeed, figure it out, seek resonance. Experience need not teach us that this is no good. We do not have the ability, knowledge or gumption to overcome every circumstance all of the time. We will run ourselves and others into the ground attempting to do so. God is mighty to act. He responds to His children’s pleas for help in real time, with tangible action (cf. Exodus 33.11-14)

3. You are lost. When figuring out how to live as a husband, single, friend, mother, co-worker, lawyer, housewife, sister, brother or grandfather, you are just making it up. You have no authority to listen to, no definitive answers guiding how to live. The examples surrounding you are broken, self-interested, and insufficient. God created life, and knows how it is to be lived. His words reveal the way to live in the bible, and He longs to talk with his children about it. (cf. John 14.6; Ephesians 5.22-6.9)

4. You are myopic. Your world revolves around you, and anyone you let into your atmosphere. There is no satisfaction, or joy. When things go well, you take credit. When things don’t, you blame others and jettison them from your little world. You are too small to find the joy that this world is so much bigger than you and your plans. God wants to expand His children’s purpose and joy, drawing them into grand conversations concerning the redemption of the world. (cf. Revelation 21.1-8)

The good news! A relationship with God is open to anyone who would receive Christ. To receive Christ simply means, trusting the provision of God in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. You can enjoy talking with God! Talk to Him now and ask to receive Christ’s punishment for sin on your behalf, that you would not be punished. Ask God for Jesus’ total obedience to be given to you. Simply say to God, “I want to receive the work you, Jesus, did to pay for my sin, and give me your goodness as my own.

You are not alone. You are in the hands of the powerful God. You are found. You are a part of His grand story to redeem the world.

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