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We all have a story. When our small story gets woven into the grand epic of God's plan, He gets all the praise and we experience life as it was made to be lived. Things get fun. Here are some stories from The Well. May God begin to rewrite yours, listening to His work in our lives.

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Oscar Baptism

In his baptism video, Oscar shares his story of brokenness and the hope that can only come through Jesus. In the midst of that, he experienced the love of God and the depth of community with other believers. He is a new creature in Christ.......

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Reve Baptism Story

In her baptism video, Reve shares the story of how she recognized her efforts of placing her hope in herself did not lead her where she wanted. It was through the pandemic that she began reading more about Jesus and recognized her need for him. She now places her hope in the one who loves her....

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Greta Baptism Story

In her baptism video, Greta shares the story of growing up in a Christian home and over time coming to have faith of her own. She recognized the way God was changing her thoughts, feelings, and actions, as well as the peace that came as she began praying on her own....

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Micah Baptism Story

In his baptism video, Micah shares the story of growing up in a Christian home and coming to have faith of his own over time. He recognized getting baptized was not about being perfect, but about proclaiming his faith in Jesus with boldness....

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Camy's Baptism Story

In her baptism video, Camy shares the story growing up in a Christian home and over time coming to have faith of her own. She realized her sin was as real as everyone's and her need for a Savior was met in Jesus....

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Jenny got baptized!

Jenny Thumbnail

Jenny, a medical resident in the army, recently had her life transformed by Jesus. Here's her story! if you're interested in baptism email us at ...

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Eden got baptized!

Matt & Eden

"It's not every day you get to baptize your own daughter." said Pastor Matt. Here's Eden's story of redemption. ...

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Noa Got Baptized!


"Jesus gave everything for me," said 9yr old Noa! "Why would I wait to get baptized?" Noa got baptized this week! What a joy it was to celebrate God's work in Noa's life in the middle of a pandemic! We gathered a few close families together at a friend's pool to hear Noa's story and her faith her Savior who gave everything for her. If you have questions about ba...

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A 6th Grader's Life in Quarantine


How are students doing in quarantine? 6th Grader Olivia Schlegelmilch shares about what her experiences in quarantine have been like over these last few months. David and Olivia discuss their honest thoughts on Cleveland, the truth behind her baking videos, and what God has been teaching her during this season. If you want to join Olivia in making masks for Montogomery Co...

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[VID] Baptism | Jake

Jake realized that just because he was a part of Christian family, that didn't make him a Christian. Listen to Jake's story and witness his baptism, an external symbol of an internal reality that as a believer one has come to trust Christ and will follow Him in all of life....

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