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All In


All in. We’re building a place by being a people who follow Jesus together for the good of the world. We live for Christ, because we know life is death without a relationship with God in Christ. We live life together, because we know that life is lonely when we don’t live it in community on mission to see Jesus worshiped. We live for the good of the world, because we know that the world is lost and broken without the Savior. We have been rescued, to rescue. We have been restored, to restore.

All y’all. Everyone. All in. Go with everything you have. Eternity is a long time: Your neighbors, coworkers, friends, and family need Christ. Eternity is a long time: We have the opportunity to begin restoring the kind of community and city that will be, when Jesus comes back to restore all things.

How? How can you go all in for the work of the gospel here at The Well? Connect. Serve. Give. Use this short Investment Guide to help you make decisions on how to live out your faith. It’s time to do something.

Connect: Get into a Community Group. In these groups we are reminded that we live our whole lives for Jesus, go deep with Jesus together, and purposefully scatter into the world to demonstrate and declare the gospel.

Serve: We need you to give your time and effort for the work of the gospel at The Well. Serve on Sunday morning in Family Ministry, Set up team, Welcome team, AV/worship. Start leading in your existing Community Group by asking your current leader how you can help. Start leading a new Community Group by asking James ( how you can get trained.

Give: Give to the work of rescuing people and restoring our city by giving to the work of the gospel at The Well. With thorough oversight and generous giving we will see the gospel declared and demonstrated as we saturate this area with new groups, and cluster together to plant new churches for years to come.

So go all in for a cause that's worth it: Rescuing and restoring all people and all things in Christ. He went all in to rescue and restore you.

Nehemiah 3 “All In” Sermon HERE.