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Nehemiah Tools


Every time we open the bible we have an opportunity to meet God. He will transform us and build His kingdom through us. Here are some tools to help you get to know God daily in Nehemiah.

Daily time with God can follow this simple pattern as you talk with Him in prayer, and listen to Him in the scripture. Tool: Daily Time With God (4R’s)

A good study bible with commentary and maps can really help. Tool: We suggest the ESV Study Bible.

Here is a fantastic short animated video which overviews Nehemiah. The Bible Project has many other amazing short videos for all of the books of the bible, and some biblical themes. Tool: Nehemiah Overview Video

A commentary helps you understand what you are reading. Here is a short free online commentary. Tool: Matthew Henry Commentary

It’s helpful to write down thoughts that God gives you, or prayers to Him as you read his scriptures. Tool: Journal.

Set some time aside each day and get to know God with us as we seek Him in the book of Nehemiah. As Nehemiah followed God’s desire and the holy ambition to see His people flourish, many lives were changed. May it be the same with us?

Ps. Here are the three realities in our city, highlighted Sunday (sermon), where all is not as it ought to be: 1. Refugee Resettlement: Peace City Church; 2. Homelessness: Bethesda Cares; 3. Orphan Care: Safe Families and DC127