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Church Plant Update!


The Well is engaged in spreading the gospel by planting churches. You are integral in this movement, giving, praying, and going. I wanted to give you a short synopsis of some churches we have all helped plant. We are both personally planting churches out of The Well, and partnering with new church plants in preparation and as they begin.

Peace City Church  Last February we sent Eric So and Brandon Smith from The Well to plant Peace City Church, in Riverdale Maryland. Eric and Brandon trained at The Well in pastoral and planting Residencies. Every time you led with Eric and Brandon, listened to their preaching, served in Community Group, reached lost people with them, you were a part of their preparation and this plant. 25 members from The Well launched with Eric and Brandon and we have committed to $72 K in funding for a three years launching period. God is changing lives among refugees in Park View Apartments and the residents of Riverdale because of your financial and prayerful investment in the work.

Danny Chung has completed a Pastoral Residency towards development and discernment, and is now in a Church Planting Residency in preparation of an intended Church Plant in College Park, MD. Please be in prayer for his preparation, for the people of College Park, and in your own consideration of going with him when the time comes.

Redemption City Church Frederick, MD The Well has supported Bliss Spillar to plant RCCF with 18k over the three years of this plant. I personally coached and supported Bliss the first couple years of his plant, then the past few years he has been leading a flourishing church, which has recently been hit with some major calamities. Church planting is hard. It will take all of us, and will be laced with “wins” and “losses.”  Many lives have been changed through this plant, many have come to Christ, so even in the hardships of planting we know that God has changed eternity.

Four Corners Ethiopian Silver Spring, MD.  For three years we financially supported Pastor Endalk giving 18k, while watching the church grow from zero people to now 350! I helped coach Endalk early in the work and learned more from him that he did from me, for sure. They are three years into the work, seeing salvations and the Ethiopian community in the area has a solid place to worship and share the gospel.

Kings Church, DC I am currently coaching Ben Palka as he plants King’s Church DC which is a bit over a year old now. They are seeing young and old in DC connect into the church. They previously met at the Spy Museum, and have since moved  to a charter school just down the road. We have supported the church financially (over 10k) and given them our personnel resources and supplies as needs arise.

Other churches we are partnering with to help get off the ground are:

Epiphany Church Baltimore, MD with Pastor Charlie Mitchel and Trevor Chin (9k),

Mission Church in Norflolk, VA with Charles Shannon,

Redemption City Church Baltimore, MD with Adam Mathuseb

Axis Church Annapolis, MD with Jorge Solorzano.

These are all churches that are in one of our Church Planting Networks. This year we have given church planting networks: 11k to SENT Network (22k given in 2018) and 5K to Acts 29 (8k given in 2018). We are also partnered with New City Network, out of McLean Bible Church.

Why do we plant churches? Because this place is dying for the gospel to be preached and communities to connect people in relationships as we live as ambassadors of the gospel together. Because the northern side of DC by no means saturated with churches that share the truth about Christ, reach dying people with the gospel and help one another live for Him. Because people everywhere are being overlooked and underserved, and Christ calls us to know, love, and serve. Because Hell is real and people are floundering in life without Christ on their way to an eternity without Him. Because my neighbor doesn’t know what He was made for, and by grace you and I do. Let’s continue to follow Jesus together for the good of the world, that we might see Him plant more and more churches through us.