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Easter Weekend


Church, there are few more important weeks in the life of the church than this one. I'm very much looking forward to reflecting on the death of Jesus and celebrating His resurrection with you all.

I would encourage you (and your Community) to fast on Friday reflecting on John 18-19, breaking fast after the Good Friday service with a meal together.

Good Friday (6pm) will be a time of solemn reflection, prayer, worship, and reading with a short sermon. There will be no children's program, so please plan accordingly.

Easter Sunday (10am) will be a great time to invite friends, neighbors, and coworkers! Lots of sharing, celebration, family portraits and a sermon shaped with visitors in mind (that they would hear the good news, connect with it, and receive Christ). Please pray for people to trust Him and for all of us to celebrate His power, love and grace. Invite someone today!!!!

Love you all and am so glad to be following Jesus together with you! He has died and is risen.


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