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Following Jesus

What is Christianity all about anyway? How we answer determines who can be a part. “Not me and my friends, that’s for sure!” we often conclude. Christianity, we think, is about keeping the rules. Well, we know we’re too sinful. Christianity, we think, is about believing all the right things, and we aren’t even sure this stuff is true. Know this: you’re invited into good company, Jesus’.

Matthew (4.18-22) and Luke (5.1-11) tell the story of Jesus calling His first followers. “Come follow me!” Jesus said to them. “To them!” The outsider, fishermen, tax collector, smelly sinners. They couldn’t stack up their righteous deeds or recite the Nicene Creed. Yet something about Jesus was worth tossing in the net one more time, throwing a solid party, and giving it all up to follow. This is what Christianity is all about: following Jesus. He is accessible as Christianity is relational, and He hands out the invitations. Taking that tiny step to begin patterning our lives to walk with the One who has asked us into His family. As you walk with Him, prepare to be changed. Prepare to have Him reshape the things you do, and don’t do. Get ready as He overwhelms your head, your heart and soul. It’s the joy of relationship.

Here are some tools we have found helpful in our relationships with God.

1. Rhythm Sheet: We must relationally pattern our lives to follow Jesus, get to know Him, and love Him. Some core elements of relationship must keep showing up in our weeks. We must talk to Him (prayer). We must hear from Him (listening to Him in the bible). We must connect with others who know Him well (relationship with the Church). We must walk with Him towards those who don’t yet know Him (relationship with non-believers). The Rhythm sheet has helped many at The Well grow in their relationships with Christ, as these patterns take shape differently in each of our lives.  [Download The Rhythm Sheet here]

2. Knowing God in His Word. Core to relationship is communication. We must know how to read and hear from God in His word. The attached sheet gives some helpful guidance on how to read the bible, and hear from God. For guidance on prayer, see this previous post.     [Download Knowing God in His Word Sheet here]

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