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Matthew 6:9 - Why Pray?

Why feed your cat? Why drink water? Why fuel your car? Why talk to your wife, or your dad?

Our Father is in heaven. We are cut from the same kind of cloth, made in His image for His companionship. He is Father, immanent, wanting to be familiar. He is in heaven, transcendent, wanting to be released. Ask Him. He is Father, good, wanting good for you. He is in heaven, powerful, able to bring it. Ask Him. He is Father, unlike the one you never had and much better than the one you did. Why pray? Because you can. It’s what we’re made for. Relationship. Conversation with Dad the Almighty.

Let’s make a big deal about His great name; “My Dad’s a fireman.” Let’s trust Him enough to align every nook according to His kingdom wisdom; “Dad, why does the moon come out?” Let’s do the things he wills; “See you at 10:30 tonight, Dad.” Conversation with our Father culminates in heaven on earth, the joy of a relationship we were created for. Talk to Him.

I need to eat: my Father commands the storehouse of heaven. I need forgiveness: my Father sent His Son from heaven to pay my debt. I need to know how to live: my Father leads me by the Spirit indwelling me. Oh what a Dad: Fireman, maker of the moon, existing before all time. I asked for bread, and He gave me cake. Talk to Him.

Remove the pretense, and just come honestly. As we talk with Him, He refocuses our pithy self-named initiatives into grand God named purposes. He takes our anxious control and erects His kingdom for us to enjoy. He bends our stubborn wills towards Himself. He gave us His own Son, what might He withhold? Talk to Him.

We are dependent children drawn onto the lap of the King of the Earth. Enjoy the company.

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