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Summer in the Psalms: Confession

psalm 51

Nobody wants to share their sin. Everybody wants to share their sin.

That’s right. We all want to hide, yet we all want to be known, loved, and forgiven. This is the power of the gospel. Jesus knows us, all about us, what we have done, not done, and even the twisted motives of our hearts. He knows who we are and loves us still. He forgives us, embraces us, and transforms us. 

The step we must take is confession. Take a listen again to this week’s sermon on Psalm 51 if you’d like. Saying, “I’m sorry,” to God and to others is the stuff of life. In our confession, God reconciles, rebuilds, and cleanses all that we have broken and soiled. He is steadfast in his love and abundant in his mercy. 

The 3D Meeting Guide is a tool for you and your 3D groups (Find it here on the Resource Pageto help us in this crucial relational step with God. Let’s ask each other some of these tough questions this week, and listen with grace. Let’s investigate our own lives this week, sure of his grace. Let’s come to God and say we are sorry, responding to his grace. 

His embrace is sure. His forgiveness is freeing. Enjoy being his, and following him as a reaction to his transforming love.